Acting director abrams: Steven spielberg next?

wear dark blue plaid shirt, a smaller size black-rimmed glasses, outwardly, J? J? Abrams learn more like a engineering IT engineers.

he walked into the round table with two young actors to access the room. Walk in the front, is 13 famous child stars ali? Fanning, her blond hair, has grown quite tall, charming; The last one, is the first time to get an electric shock the boy joey? Kang turney, looks shy, brown hair small roll. Walking in the middle of the abrams height, momentum is humble, seated before him, two young actors went first to sit down. & other; Who is the director? Throughout the &; He this sentence, the most is the first time I saw his reporters laugh in Asia.

45 abrams are the hottest Hollywood acting director. In many foreign media point of view, he is good at suspense, sci-fi, just like Steve? Spielberg’s successor. Little miss fanning speech he said: & other; I think you are completely worthy of Steven spielberg, because you have a and he the same nose. Throughout the &;

and a 65 – year – old Mr Spielberg appreciation of the rising star. On June 10, abrams directed the third big screen works in super 8 will pull open the curtain in North America. The film producer Steven spielberg as himself, paving the way for him to cut jing.

as Hollywood rare all-rounder, abrams in television spent 15 years to film. Domestic audience familiar with the hit TV drama “lost”, is his creative idea. His vision, the portable camera disaster film “cloverfield”, at a moderate investment gain victory. His two previous works on the big screen, “mission impossible 3” (2006) and the new “star trek” (2009), is to let a person see the gold medal in the science fiction writer, director of the strength.

for repairing & other spielberg Super 8 mm & throughout; Short film

one night in 1979, in a small town a few children together around the age of 14, ready to use & other; Super 8 mm & throughout; A zombie film cameras.

the boy and the girl standing in the distance is not far from the train track, in mature windbreaker, learn to adult appearance say with age not take tone down their lines. The train speed, to the girl’s hair was blown out. All of a sudden, a car, train moment to turn over, explosion, burning?? Invisible fear has only just begun. Somehow missing men and animals in this area, the military intervention. Inadvertently, they found & other; Super 8 mm & throughout; The camera recorded the secret.

on May 31, reporters watched the film “super 8” in Singapore. This everywhere in spielberg’s mark, and abrams personal childhood complex film, won the most reporters present. North American critics have on the rotten tomatoes website go well, rate of more than 90%. The famous critic jamie? Graham’s comments relative to the point: & other; Super 8, those movies did not achieve its tribute great achievement, but it is still the most magnificent vast far jilt behind those a meteor. It is still the best commercial films of the year. Throughout the &;

in the 1960 s, & other; Super 8 mm & throughout; Camera has become popular home video camera in the United States, and amateur film lovers dedicated tools, many big-name directors like spielberg and Lucas are holding it for the first movie of life. Abrams is no exception. Films, that help make a film of boys is almost a portrait of himself. He was like the chubby little boy director, has a strong desire, leading to.

childhood abrams, unlike other boys, don’t like sports, like all day playing with the camera. Father is one of the earliest sales of CBS, the mother turned to do filmmakers from law school. Magic and movies are the most two things that you love him as a child. A young child, he can skillfully basic performance, play CARDS, COINS magic tricks. In his view, the movie is magic & ndash; & ndash; Use images to the illusion for the audience.

at the age of 12, abrams rhetoric persuaded grandfather Helen? Kevin, bought him a & other; Super 8 mm & throughout; The camera. From then on, he is in his own home, neighborhood, the streets, all sorts of scenes of horror, horror fiction.

he even persuade his little sister, as a film star. & other; He would strangle her, and she was shooting with a gun, or make her fell from the roof?? In a word, he will use all the features you can imagine ways to kill her. Throughout the &; Abrams’s father recalls. His & other; Crime & throughout; Partner, good friend matt? Doc rivers, and now also became a commercial director. Two men who have worked together for “cloverfield” and so on.

abrams at the age of 16, informal association and idol spielberg.

a youth film festival in Los Angeles, abrams and matt on the local newspaper. The little article tells the story of their films, also equipped with a silly pictures, two title is: & other; Wet behind the ears of the miracle & throughout; .

the next day, they got a call from the spielberg’s assistant. & other; I really want to know, whether you are interested in repairing a spielberg & lsquo; Super 8 mm & rsquo; Films? He was shot in your age, but has been damaged. Throughout the &; Ask each other.

a few days later, abrams’s mother went into the room, the son found that spielberg’s films have been cut in a mess, all the scattered sons bedroom floor. & other; What are you doing? Throughout the &; She screamed, & other; He will Sue us! We would lose the house, will lose the car! Throughout the &;

son said calmly, & other; Everything is under control. Throughout the &;

he finished the work not only, also received a $150 reward. The only regret is that the two young people have failed to meet spielberg himself at that time.