Actor lines pay attention to the Beijing people Lines into the mouth of “knife”

& other; All say Beijing people actor lines. This & lsquo; Exquisite & rsquo; It includes the three aspects of & ndash; & ndash; Actors speak lines, the audience can hear clearly, understand, and feel good. Throughout the &; Beijing people’s art theatre actor fu-yuan zhang said, this is also the first dean of the Beijing people works in office, will give the requirement set by the actors.

plainly every word & other; Play & throughout; To the audience’s ear

the so-called & other; Hear clearly & throughout; Refers to the actors on the stage to say every word, are plainly & other; Play & throughout; To the ears of the viewers. Want to do this, need actors trained hard for a long time.

fu-yuan zhang is the 1970 s, the Beijing people & other; Mass shift & throughout; Students, the teacher is Su Min, Lin kun and other old artist. & other; Mass shift & throughout; The teaching contents and performance art colleges and universities teaching content basically the same, now just have more growing up watching old artist acting and the stage practice opportunities & ndash; & ndash; In & other; Mass shift & throughout; After learning some acting in the foundation, can participate in the performance of the Beijing people.

& other; I am in & lsquo; Mass shift & rsquo; Learning, it is & lsquo; The cultural revolution & rsquo; After the recovery period, it took us two and a half years of time, learned the course of four years. Throughout the &; Though learning time shortened, but under fu-yuan zhang and classmates didn’t less, out of work early, late to class, everyone in the class to overweight, afraid to fall behind. It is then, laid a solid foundation for fu-yuan zhang performance.

& other; Drama actor on the stage performance should not be take & lsquo; Chest wheat & rsquo; . Really good actors, only by our own voice, can let sit in the corner of the last row of the most viewers hear every word. Throughout the &; Fu-yuan zhang said that he was at the scene of the drama in a hot box office only sit for 15 minutes, because stage & other Big shots & throughout; Actors with & other; Chest throughout m &; .

& other lines into his mouth; The knife & throughout;

let the audience listened to understand actors speak out lines, fu-yuan zhang described it as a system engineering.

every time received a new script, Beijing people’s actor is going to be a blank notebook again. Fu-yuan zhang said, “this is a traditional Beijing people.

in blank notebook paper will be divided into two parts, such as & ndash; & ndash; One side, the actors will verbatim copying characters as they are in all the lines; On the other side, it is after analysis, the subtext of the role of actors understanding, and actors to modify the subtext, tend to continue to the end of the show.

fu-yuan zhang called the subtext of psychological action. & other; Lines of action is to determine the identity of the characters, the characters’ status. Analysis its plays the role of psychological movement, not only need to seriously study the character lines, lines must also analyze other roles, because probably from these lines, can reflect a side the character’s psychology and personality. Throughout the &; Fu-yuan zhang said the lines into the role of language is the first step on the actor to do.

in Beijing people, every actor can not only through their own analysis to strengthen the understanding of as characters, can also find more inspiration from a collective work. & other; In rehearsal, not only work with you in the actor will communicate with you, with your fellow actors will give you advice, there is no performance task even actors will be sitting in the audience, and view the rehearsal, to participate in the creation. Throughout the &; Fu-yuan zhang said that such a collective creation is another tradition, the Beijing people in a collective work, the actors will never impose their views on people, every suggestion is well-intentioned, but these are handled in the show is not really suitable, also on the actors own ponder and grasp.

last year, the central academy of drama, the Greek theater expert professor luo kam lepidoptera for Beijing people directed the drama “dinner”, this is the first time in years that the Greek tragedy, the Beijing people fu-yuan zhang plays a tyrant Agamemnon.

when Agamemnon after being his wife stabbed, before she died a long monologue, which have such a line: & other; I looked up at the ceiling, the wood small scar, like children’s eyes looked at me, waiting for I say something. Throughout the &; Such a seemingly simple lines, confuse fu-yuan zhang to the second round of performance, truly find the proper approach.

& other; Reading the lines, I did not know to & lsquo; Carry & rsquo; Which word can accurately reflect the current mood of Agamemnon. Throughout the &; Started performing as fu-yuan zhang processing is peaceful, only drawing lines to read it. Later, in a collective work, a colleague suggested he emphasized & other; Eyes & throughout; Two words, he tried a few, also feel not ideal. Finally, fu-yuan zhang choice emphasized & other; Hope & throughout; Words.

performance when this & other Hope & throughout; Words export, fu-yuan zhang heart tightly. & other; In the play, Agamemnon killed many innocent children, these children are now looking at him. Throughout the &; And the audience’s tears, also with this & other; Hope & throughout; Fell out of the word. & other; Lines can be & lsquo; Killing & rsquo; , can good actor lines into the mouth & lsquo; The knife & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

there is no good voice, large volume, could still take the line a fair

& other; The lines a fair, don’t want to have a good voice, also has a great voice, not necessarily but must have a rhythm. Throughout the &; Fu-yuan zhang believes that the biggest difference between Chinese and other languages is that four tones make pronunciation with cadence, and the drama actor should give full play to the advantages.

in every actor can speak well on the basis of our lines, the pursuit of the perfect director will also pay attention to the actor’s voice color collocation. & other; Mr Jiao juyin once asked, why choose Zheng Rong, shizhi yu, tianye LAN the three starring “teahouse”, is it because they are high. First because their right image, says Mr Jiao, then there is the sound of their three people well. Throughout the &; Fu-yuan zhang said Zheng Rong, shizhi yu, tianye LAN the pronunciation of the three position is different, the way to read lines, rhythm is also different, three people together performance becomes a paragraph of wonderful chords. & other; Of course, this is the higher requirement on the director, “teahouse” later, I haven’t heard of such a nice play. Throughout the &;

in addition, Beijing people old art home for lines that need the advice of the white space also benefited fu-yuan zhang. & other; Child’s teacher once said, read lines need & lsquo; Words has ended, meaning not & rsquo; . Lines can’t say too full, it is necessary to fully thinking and imagination of the audience. Throughout the &; Fu-yuan zhang said that actor has been the Beijing people cling to & other; Play is play to the audience, is created with the audience throughout the &; The principle of. So, the lines of the Beijing people does not require the forceful, but must be with the audience & other; Heart & throughout; .