Affect Chen liu xiaodong and other masters of about six years to paint for the queen of England

Freud’s most expensive work “benefits supervisor sleeping”

by Tate & other; Picasso outside in the 20th century’s greatest artists & throughout; The lu & middot; On July 20, Freud, due to illness, died at his home in London, has died at the age of 88. He has a more famous grandfather & ndash; & ndash; Famous psychologist and founder of the psychoanalysis, sigmund & middot; Freud.

both painting and man, withdrawn, closed Freud has been pursuing its own will, away from the hustle and bustle of the trend, he has been sticking to realism painting, at the last moment of life, he is still in the drawing. Chen comments he’s & other; Finally a hall, can master of German type & throughout; . He has influenced Chen, Mr. Liu of Chinese painters.

the master’s departure, Chinese art collective salute to him. Today, Beijing 798 canopy gallery “lucien & middot; Freud with David & middot; Dawson” exhibition is under way, including one of Freud’s masterpiece “David and Ellie” and its assistant David & middot; Dawson from 2004 to 2006 during the 10 work photo shot in the studio.

picture 10 and a half hours a day, the models are the ordinary people around

lucien & middot; Sigmund Freud was born in Berlin in 1922, my grandfather is a famous psychologist sigmund & middot; Freud. Old Freud let young grandson to read four lines of “song under the gallows”, hang in his living room, painting & hellip; & hellip; Coupled with inherent spirit of doubt, lonely and curious, little Freud has a special kind of awareness on the world, and bringing this capability to painting, to be his own bright symbol.

the human body is explore Freud life and the performance of the theme, the people in his canvas, the men and women of various body naked in or in the studio on the sofa or bed. In his work can’t see the secular sense of beauty, instead, the real & ndash; & ndash; Droopy eye bags and obese bloated body, wrinkled skin. Freud painted skin, flesh, but he painted but also the soul of under the skin.

New York art dealer l ‘aquila aston villa, when surveyed, was talk he was Freud’s model. Freud painting every day, he says, quite a long time, often at the same time for two to three paintings, divided into two periods during the day and night, work time from 9 am to 3 PM, after a brief rest, again from 7 stipple until midnight at half past eleven in the evening. Picture 10 and a half hours a day, 7 days a week, every day. He models are mostly family, relatives, like-minded painter or friends, sit for a few hours, they are often months or even years, often fall asleep in the process.

about six years, he was promised for the queen of England painting

Freud is the strongest influence in art history in the 20th century, one of the most distinctive artist personality.

queen Elizabeth is Freud’s loyal fans, not only his collection of a large number of paintings, also asked him to paint a picture of yourself. To paint the queen was most artists as a great honor, but Freud is real and stubborn. After six years of negotiations, he reluctantly agreed, but insisted that the queen to his studio to do model, and requires at least 72 times.

the last queen dressed neatly, but in the end of public works to the public uproar, paintings of the queen as bloated, loss of noble gas. A British art magazine editor, according to the evaluation of the queen looks like a stroke patients. And the picture also became the British royal family is the most controversial collection.

Freud had to write a paragraph, may explain why he did this, & other; Artists never need to become their prisoners, the style of prisoners, prisoners of fame, fortune of prisoners. The goncourt brothers (French writer goncourt brothers) tells us that Japanese artist changed several times in life, that is to my liking, they want to defend their freedom. Throughout the &;

Freud’s self-portrait

but hard to get along with charm, a 87 – year – old was best dressed men

as artists or ordinary people, Freud are considered hard to get along with. He is in a state of isolated and closed, however, rumors he always colorful. He and many women gossip, there are many bastard. Critics say he is a paranoid, described the kind of like his grandfather & other; Psychopaths & throughout; . Although labeled the label such as colour stick, gambler, persecution, but he couldn’t cover the outstanding talents and charming manner.

when I was young, he looks, angular, seconds kill almost all women. Old age, however, his charm. In the British GQ magazine’s 2009 list of Britain’s best dressed man, Freud and & other; Throughout 007 &; Daniel & middot; , prince Charles, oscar-winning actor Daniel Craig & middot; Wear & middot; Lewis and soccer star David & middot; Beckham such as common on the list, you know, at that time he was 87 years old.

today, Freud’s work has already been established art market & other; Blue chips & throughout; Status. In 2008, his oil painting “benefits supervisor sleeping” sold at auction for $33.64 million by Russian billionaire Roman abramovich bought, broke the American artist Jeff & middot; Koons’s “hanging heart” created a record $23.6 million in 2007, becoming a living artists, the most expensive paintings in the sale.

he has influenced China of painter, art collective

my grandfather sigmund & middot; Freud has affected the Chinese psychology, and grandson lucien & middot; Freud is affected a large number of Chinese painters. Chen, liu xiaodong, ChaoGe, Mao Yan by its influence, especially represented by Mr. Liu. To this, liu xiaodong said: & other; Can have the shadow of Freud, it is my pleasure. Throughout the &;

the China academy of fine arts painting department Yang Canjun said, and influenced by the Chinese artists like Freud, because & other; Many artists face to face with the painting itself, but apparently not accomplish Freud, effectively reveal profound reality. He used a brush reveals the depth of human nature itself. Throughout the &;

in the end, a reporter with the artist Xu Lei is forwarded 1500 times weibo comments, salute to Freud: & other; He is dead, all hats off, but Freud care? He device, not theory, don’t bend, don’t care about the museum, don’t attend the opening ceremony, do not love to party, even the queen wanted to please his portrait, is also to several trips to the studio, humbled to stay seated on a chair to make phase, to draw a slap. He only stayed in his room, didn’t even see outside the window, drawing, painting, smash pain with eccentric and bloated face the world, a good time. Throughout the &;