After 60 years of scientists predict the world: people and machines or “fit”

60 years after the world?

life expectancy increased to 100 years of age or older, cyborgs are widespread & hellip; & hellip;

the UK & other; Science and progress throughout the &; Web site a recent article from the British famous futurologist Derek & middot; Ward gheit articles, & other; We live in the world will be like after 60 years & throughout; Conducted an interesting prediction. Perhaps 60 years later, we can personally verify these predictions are accurate?

u energy

man has stopped using fuel oil, coal, and the fuel to generate electricity. We will be in the relative position unchanged with the earth’s orbit, to build a giant space solar power stations, to provide inexhaustible earth & other; Green energy & throughout; .

painted body structure

today still it is hard to imagine that the human body structure, at the appointed time will appear. Such as part of the human body may be a machine, that is, in the human body and machine synthesis. Have the robot, the data backup of the human brain may also will be a lot of life in our & other; Ordinary people & throughout; In the middle.

u health and longevity

human life expectancy will be extended to 100 years of age or older. Then, 50, a human can never say & other; Aging & throughout; Because its physical condition may be similar to today’s 30 people. For most & other; Normal & throughout; , in 10 years after the age of 50 might have & other; Midlife crisis & throughout; . The retirement age will also be extended to about 80.

in order to ensure the most people can live a long life, the baby just born will accept special & other; Sweeps a medical & throughout; Genetic engineering and take intervention, special nutritional supplement or special training methods such as symptomatic treatment, make a new generation of reserve more sufficient & other Health capital & throughout; .

in the homes of bedroom and toilet, the arrangement of different functional health monitor. They will carefully organize data collected about the master every day, let the host family at any time control of the health.

& other; According to genetic throughout each recipe &; This matter, will become the main task of the food, a research firm. The experts will be based on different genetic traits, configuration of vary from person to person nutrition meal.

small nanobots invisible to the naked eye will enter human body, specially in food digestion and circulation in the body. The body’s nutrient intake will be direct input in the blood, and automatic contain human body absorb excess heat. & other; Avoid & throughout; Maybe the word will disappear from the dictionary. In addition, the nanobots would automatically sweeping and cleaning, which entered the body and harmful bacteria, viruses, and a variety of harmful substances.

as a variety of intelligent robot with the old body 2 for one, nowadays some difficult to cure diseases, such as alzheimer’s disease incidence of a disease will be greatly reduced. Ease elderly mental recession, promote age-related cognitive level of new drugs, spend the happy old age will help the elderly. Most of them will have a happy consensus: the good life is just beginning at the age of 70.

Work painted

many occasions, people with & other; Part man, part machine & throughout; Or the boundaries between pure robots will become more and more blurred. Your colleagues a lot is likely to be & other; Synthesis of people & throughout; Or a robot, and even your boss probably isn’t one hundred percent & other Pure person & throughout; . These robots, robot although with human not absolute & other; Similar & throughout; , but will become an organic part of society. They have no block with human communication, is mainly engaged in manual Labour and monotonous mechanical labor (as in the flowing water line), the human can make more time or energy into high-tech inventions and research & other; Creative & throughout; Go to work.

women because of the detailed character, excellent eq and become outstanding in the workplace. Employees of the 50 s with abundant experience, abundant energy and strong judgment are usually more favor by the employer.

u communication

drive computer with the thought, namely & other; Good for the brain & throughout; At the dialogue will become the main way of interpersonal communication. Maybe people is difficult with the so-called & other; Privacy & throughout; Because what you are thinking, the other party a & other; See & throughout; You know who. Of course, people also will design methods or tools that restrict with each other.

u income

employment age may delay for nearly 30 years, as usually after age 50 to pay off all of the mortgage. All people have to work and for their own retirement savings, because the government of any country will not pay pensions.

property inheritance between immediate relatives can happen big change. The younger generation can no longer be easily assigned to the wealth, from more than 50 years old parents because their parents are desperately saving, preparation for old age. & other; Neets & throughout; , & other Inheritance tax & throughout; Words like certainly will cease to exist.

the people to the concept of the ownership of the property with today certainly cannot be the same. Most of the private property & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Both your avatar, and you create a virtual world, are not your absolute in the sense of private property, therefore can only & other; Transfer & throughout; Or & other Lease & throughout; , but can’t & other; Sales & throughout; .

there are rich and poor countries in the world, but the rich and the poor is not measured by the GDP data, but in the national health level of the knowledge, skills, creativity, and shall prevail.

u family

60 years later, 65 years of age or older population will take up about half of the total number of human, but it will not bring any pressure to the society. Because of age from 65 to 80 and partially & other; Age & throughout; To the 90 – year – old people, are also in the work, and continue to create material or spiritual wealth for the society.

test-tube baby technology with each passing day will make & other; Later pregnancy & throughout; More and more women. At least 6 into women is expected to have children after the year lead half hundred.

family & other; Concept & throughout; Will also change. People will reduce the marriage problems such as divorce, remarriage, early attention, instead is more concerned with social development and human progress, science and technology innovation.

a member of the family also won’t be as few as today, a family may include blood and derived from the offspring of all kinds of social relations of homosexual or heterosexual friends, so & other; Family & throughout; Size may be much larger than we think.

to end the war and peace

unfortunately, even after 60 years, war is inevitable. By then, may burst a global wars of religion, but the victims are mostly machine warrior, rather than human beings.