After 80 IT male writing songs too early: for a scoop hot-and-dry noodles

han edition

han edition “early song” video capture.

@ xing-yu Chen lyrics: some of my classmates who had told me these days, made a mistake! Before released the subtitles of the early song, singer shibuya in the name of a & other; The throughout &; Originally read MAO, read ANG, in fact the word & other; Leon & throughout; Just read ANG, apostrophe is less. I wish to send a weibo apology. The latest release the MP3 versions of early song! I try my best to, seemingly didn’t all go up. Which wuhan Ya you are interested, welcome to sing!

to a reporter to 】 【 for hot-and-dry noodles/sesame paste/mix with sesame oil, black and shiny/add a plate/three fresh bean skin//shining golden dress/square/tipsy cake incense/has been satisfied with eight/no longer to point//oil dumplings and eat a nest///or paste mixed soybean curd powder/choose a bowl of soup/dry rare collocation/best & hellip; & hellip; Online heat transfer of the early song, is the wuhan Ya xing-yu Chen song to wuhan.

have been brought up in wuhan xing-yu Chen, born in 1983, graduated from computer science, is an IT man. Never accept special music training, he writes songs just hobby, has written more than 20 song. Yesterday told reporters that he wrote the song too early originally from Japan kansai man combination singing popular songs “guan wind Fighting”. Xing-yu Chen associated with wuhan street snacks, & other; Ordinary folk, is very busy. Snack street, is the most famous wuchang snake in one hundred at the foot of the mountain of the lane. Throughout the &; So he according to the melody, write the songs early han flavor.

& other; In the morning to eat like the emperor, lunch like a prince, in the evening to eat like a beggar & throughout; , & other; Throughout early to eat collocation of &; & hellip; & hellip; In xing-yu Chen memory, every people born from that day on, wuhan is constantly affected by the cultural atmosphere every day, and when he wrote in the early song, show is such a kind of street culture.

& other; Laugh die me, can not stand, you are the best & throughout; , & other If there is a speech, understand the wuhan dialect words will feel very funny & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; In the net friend the outgoing, also someone says xing-yu Chen sing out of tune. To this, he admitted: sing badly, will gradually improve.