After the 80 rural guy kowtow said more than 100 New Year’s day New Year “so tired”

Beijing, xingtai, February 15 (reporter peng-xiang zhang) on February 14 is the lunar fifth day of the Spring Festival in China, commonly known as & other; Break five & throughout; , past the day after the Chinese New Year has come to an end. From the first to fifth in just five days, after 80 as the hebei rural guy Zhang Jinxiang tells a reporter, the Spring Festival to elder happy New Year kowtowing to count down has more than 100, after today the year-end and & other; Upon throughout the past &; .

when the New Year’s eve after the first shot, in hebei province in accordance with the customs to elder happy New Year also formally started. Hebei hengshui 80 farmers Zhang Jinxiang tells a reporter, he usually gets up at five o ‘clock in the morning at the beginning of each year, eat dumplings will give parents kowtow, before it is formally opened the prelude to the New Year. Thanks to her parents over years, he started and raised our brothers together, in the village for a string of elder happy New Year. Now although not speak a lot of old rule, kowtow is a must, however, a lot of grandparents, uncle village, not kowtow will be people don’t understand etiquette. The first day to give the relationship recently elders first happy New Year, this day will be upon more than 40.

after the new moon will give their immediate relatives will, Zhang Jinxiang number while tells a reporter, he has four aunts, three, three gu jiu, 2 uncle, his wife and two uncle, four aunts, three uncle, this is must walk, statecraft is not bad. After to the relative dept. head, there are also some grew up together friends, close the elder brothers also want to go home, the relationship between close for elders dept. head and happy New Year, also some relations far come home.

Zhang Jinxiang, says he feels the Chinese New Year for many of the same age in our village is very tired, especially in this batch of 80 after their village, there is a basic characteristic, is the immediate family members are many, there was a man who had several aunt, uncle, aunt, uncle, for these relatives statecraft can’t be little. Everyone feel the same way, New Year’s day have a & other Very tired very cumbersome & throughout; .

& other; After today even basic put years on, there are more than 100, a Spring Festival kowtow is really too tired. Throughout the &; Zhang Jinxiang said.

New Year is a traditional Chinese folk customs, is for old people, a way to express one’s best wishes to each other. In ancient times & other; Happy New Year & throughout; The original meaning of the word for elders send greetings in the New Year, including the elder kowtow upon a happy New Year, congratulations and greetings life well. The