After the funeral home beauty pianist: here feel the in the mind “quiet”


yesterday, wen-ting Yang funeral reception center hall piano apprentice in wuchang reporter dong-dong hu taken

& other; It was a magical days and sent the human warmth to the frontier & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; At 8 yesterday morning, funeral service center hall in wuchang, more than 70 – year – old master Chen in melodious piano accompaniment, sing the song “days”.

the central hall with a brand new Helen piano, playing the song was a funeral home beauty, 24, the pianist wen-ting Yang. More than a month ago, graduated from Yangtze university musicology professional funeral home work, she apply for to the wuchang hall specially bought a 40000 yuan worth of piano, let wen-ting Yang specialty, free for the deceased’s family play in service center hall.

master Chen cremated on the day of his wife, son and daughter-in-law to do procedure, teacher Chen waiting in the hall with a grandson, was most impressed by slow piano music, he unconsciously hum out, is that his wife was listening to songs.

an music love family listened and said to her & other; Thank you & throughout;

& other; Piano music can relieve the pain, also can convey feelings. Throughout the &; Wen-ting Yang often play songs more than 20, she usually choose which, the familiar can communicate the songs of love and affection. Occasionally there customer classics, ask her to play, do not need to pay. & other; “Father”, “mother”, “the mother in the candlelight, played the most. If it is mourning for middle-aged, will play “the legend”, “the blessing” song & throughout; .

wen-ting Yang lived in the funeral home collective dormitory, woke up at six every morning, at 8 to 10 in the center of the funeral service hall to play the piano. At the funeral home to play the piano than in five-star hotels, wen-ting Yang will hear some & other; Frustrated & throughout; Words, & other; Girl, you are beautiful, and playing the piano skills, do bad things, going to a funeral home to play the piano! Throughout the &; University students also is not very understanding, & other; How to get to the place to go to work? Throughout the &;

& other; My heart is very quiet here, before harvest. Throughout the &; Wen-ting Yang was born in qianjiang rural, love music since I was a child, read high school, often to the music teacher’s home to steal learn the piano. In 2007, she got admitted to Yangtze university musicology. Graduated from university, she got the professional piano tenth level, senior teachers vocational qualification certificate. After graduation she to street mouth a music training institutions work, & other; Spare time, but also run around taking classes, but don’t feel for me & throughout; .

in June, wen-ting Yang to apply for to the wuchang funeral home work. The interview, she used a piano “father”, conquered the judges. Curator Han Cuiyun immediately clappers bought a 40000 yuan worth of piano, henceforth wen-ting Yang became the first pianist funeral home.

wen-ting Yang quickly find the feeling. A day at 9 am, more than 10 finish do mourning families sitting in the hall, listening to her play “blessing”, some listened by fell asleep on the chair, someone hear special focus from beginning to end. Finish listen to her playing, a 50-year-old man also said to her voice & other; Thank you & throughout; .

life told parents take good care of yourself every day

in addition to playing the piano, wen-ting Yang is also responsible for the archives arrangement of the gym.

to see some of the deceased is very young, or a very rich man, wen-ting Yang has a feeling: & other; Cherish life, happy life, is the most important thing. Throughout the &; Now wen-ting Yang with hometown parents a call every day, told them to go out be careful, take good care of yourself. & other; Call phone less with their parents in the past, even the last sentence is said & lsquo; Hang ah & rsquo; Throughout, not now &; .

the first two years graduation, run around wen-ting Yang & other; To survive & throughout; , often girls one-upmanship ShangYan situation, & other; Everyone is blundering, don’t know what they really want. Compared with the previous day, I prefer the simple life & throughout; .

she is less than 4000 yuan a month, a week take a day off, & other; But I think it is worth, here need me & throughout; . She and her colleagues after work to go to play badminton, table tennis, evening to dancing in the gym room, simple and fulfilling life. Recently, the funeral home’s sisters around wen-ting Yang, hope her spare time, in the gym open music and piano lessons. The days of settling down here, she says, she will be a precious treasure in life.

interestingly, wuchang funeral home recently received a thank-you note, someone praise wen-ting Yang directly, said she used music to comfort the hearts of the families of the deceased. & other; I didn’t know that, I have so much talent here efficacy & throughout; . The reporter michelle correspondent Zhou Gang Chen Junju