After xu jin guo is one of the earliest QuanJin book: huang taiji ZhuShouWen appeared in nanjing

recently, a very rare and mysterious calligraphy, troubled collectors years later declared to crack. The ancient art history research scholar ChengHuaJie after textual research, confirmed the picture & other; ShouYu praise and lead & throughout; Grandson is nuerhachi, huang taiji’s nephew library worship on his 40th birthday feast, made a ZhuShouWen in court, is now seen after xu jin guo is one of the earliest QuanJin book. Five years later, huang taiji finally establish the great qing empire, the throne became emperor. The literature is a very important manchu regime in the early identification of highly Chinese culture and heritage of historical documents. Is also the historical testimony of the Chinese traditional culture is family.

rare calligraphy plagued collectors years

yesterday, liu revealed to reporters this literature calligraphy collection people. The reporter sees, slightly yellowish calligraphy, respectively in three transparent plastic bag, and other Because s is relatively long, may also the original collectors mishap, calligraphy was broken into three pieces, height are the same, about 25 centimeters, but vary in length. Throughout the &; Collector liu explained.

look carefully, calligraphy font neat, for travel model font, writing is fluent, feast for the eyes. Liu said he carefully counted calligraphy in full, a total of 560 words, & other; Text xi, was wrong, I think than fu precariousness, like a ZhuShouWen. Throughout the &; It’s birthday, for who is who wrote it? Puzzle before the liu, failed to achieve his own ideas for years, he had to consult experts. Through the study of textual research, Mr ChengHuaJie got to know the calligraphy. So this is a very rare after xu jin guo literature, content is xu jin guo period, after after Jin Guohan huang taiji forty birthday, courtier of ode in court ShouWen, is also a campaign.

secretary write huang taiji ZhuShouWen

after xu jin guo nuerhachi in A.D. 1616 years Ming wanli (44 years) created, ten years later, nuerhachi, died by the eighth son hong taiji inherit the sweat, chung: 1 day. In 1636, huang taiji in shengjing (now shenyang) the emperor, to change the title for the qing, change nianhao for chong DE.

& other; Nine wufu yue long life, civilized domain (nations) throughout the east &; And & other Throughout the eastern & positive region; , planning the mentioned two nations in the east, xu jin guo after the nations when referring to here. After Mr Sheng, said xu jin guo region for our country parts of northeast China and Mongolia, has conquered parts of hebei and shandong. After the ancient Chinese called the countries of central and xu jin guo in eastern China, so call the east.

birthday paper & other; Almost made me mightily emperor extremely & throughout; , & other; Throughout the camp & cantonese but holy king; , & other; Celebrate your people who wan & throughout; Such as words. Emperor extremely repeatedly mentioned, holy king, etc., here refers to huang taiji.

& other; Thanks & throughout; Word experts painstakingly

ZhuShouWen final sign-off: explain the worship and praise to the temple. In other words, the author of this ZhuShouWen name & other; Thanks & throughout; . So thanks to who? Mr Sheng “draft history of qing” and other relevant historical documents, found after Jin Guotian our key officials of period, royalty, etc., the name for worship are: ould worship, worship, worship, worship, su wu, worship, worship, la, la, aojiang worship, etc. After screening, library worship was the only one who qualified.

library worship the father is cable tower, travelling with nuerhachi, exploits suffering, nuerhachi gave his daughter to marry him, he became the father of four sons. That is to say, the library is nuerhachi grandson, is his nephew. Huang taiji 40 birthday, library is not only the close nephew, huang taiji is also a civil official, are fully qualified to attend the birthday feast, then make birthday blessing to huang taiji in court.

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this ZhuShouWen remarkable

ShouWen, to replace the Ming regime, xu jin guo regime after the big build public opinion as the manuscripts is the successor of the Chinese traditional culture, for thousands of years. After the manuscripts for xu jin guo in the central plains, replaced the Ming dynasty regime made public opinion. At the same time also shows that after xu jin guo highly agree with the Chinese traditional culture, is a member of the family of the Chinese nation.

after xu jin guo wrote the earliest a QuanJin book, jun long live the people celebrate, looking forward to huang taiji said of that day of, all are QuanJin huang taiji to build the great qing empire as soon as possible, as soon as he began to reign for the emperor.

the text of the classic masterpiece Literary words magnanimous, majestic, allusions, metaphor, appropriate typesetting cloth, neat and luxuriant, reading in court, catchy. As for the text of the classic masterpiece.