Age together at the age of 215 China’s oldest couple “happy love show”

50 years of marriage as the golden wedding, 60 years is diamond. In southwest China’s guizhou province has a pair of husband and wife, but have walked hand in hand of 90 time, spanning two centuries, they together have 215 years of age. Recently, the 109 – year – old husband sheng-zhong Yang Jin Jifen with 106 – year – old wife, by the Chinese society of gerontology as China is now the most long-lived centenarians living couple.

to visit two old people, the reporter drove to trait PingTang buyi and miao minority autonomous prefecture county tongzhou town village party vibration well group.

eastern literati tao yuanming had “the shangri-la record”, depicts a beautiful arcadia, where the scenery pleasant, people self-sufficiency, peace and quiet, I don’t know the outside world changes. Located in the mountains of party rock village well group, as a real-life & other; Xanadu & throughout; .

& other; Local villagers called into the village of dashan & lsquo; Pull the slope & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Party Chen Zhong said, director of the village, the villagers committee, because Alexander, steep slope, it had been before the new highway, the villagers to the nearest town to mountains, grabbed the grass on the hill from moving.

surprisingly, over the mountains have a PingBa, an average elevation of 1000 meters, lush trees, fresh air and the stream on the bottom, quiet, only hear birds sound, a few horses grazing leisurely in the woods. Walking on the mountains the tree-lined trail, he saw two old people’s home, a local traditional wooden houses, layers of terraced fields is behind the house, flocks of chickens are foraging in the rural.

two old people to look good. Sheng-zhong Yang old man on a crutch, warmly invite everyone sitting around a fire of coals were chatted to stove. Although the eyesight and hearing are decreased, but the old man thought is clear, he said he have three women and one child, now and son live together, is five generations in the home, & other; My son is still small, only 60 years old & throughout; .

the wife Jin Jifen still do. Although action is slow, still insist to do some housework. After getting up in the morning, taomee, pick vegetables, pigs, have been busy. & other; To live is to work, not can’t live here. Throughout the &;

in the kitchen busy more than an hour, Jin Jifen prepared lunch that day & ndash; & ndash; Rice, vegetables and bacon hotpot, aroma pubi. As with teeth is off, she will cook the meal was very soft. The two old man’s appetite has extremely good, ate two bowls of rice every meal, drink a bowl of soup, also want to eat several piece of bacon, do your own & other; Rice, vegetables, pork is their farming, water is the mountain spring water. Throughout the &;

as well as many traditional Chinese farmers, sheng-zhong Yang couple lived a life of sunrise and make, whether. They rarely traveled far from home, and even rarely leave the village. A few decades ago, with the two men had been daughter married in hebei province, it is their longest trip. & other; Out of the door just know, za Chinese is really large, after a day and a night, the train didn’t leave in hunan province. Throughout the &; Recall the trip especially exclamation sheng-zhong Yang.

couple of nearly 90 years of life together, also mix a mouth, when he was young but & other; Never raw gas & throughout; . Sheng-zhong Yang marketer good carpentry skills, good people asked him to do the house, the furniture, now live in wood also built by when he was young, he single-handedly, traditional Chinese old building, do not need a nail riveting.

he is the village famous for his good temper. & other; Loves to tell jokes, adult children love him, we give him a nickname called & lsquo; In ten thousand and & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Nephew Yang Xiu said.

Jin Jifen is a wife, a lifetime housework at home, raising children. & other; Her lifetime all good to me, gave me cook a meal to eat now. Throughout the &; Sheng-zhong Yang grateful to his wife. & other; I was 16 to marry him, he is good to me, I will live with him all my life. Throughout the &; Jin Jifen also open toothless mouth to laugh.

although two old man old, hearing and vision become weak gradually, have few words to each other, but decades of life together, let them full of tacit understanding, a look, an action, will be able to understand each other.

a five generations also happy happy harmony, Chinese New Year holidays come together. Jin Jifen also loves to praise his daughter-in-law & other And filial piety. Throughout the &; & other; Now days good yo, I nearly be press gang when he was young, hungry, and then dragged from day to day life is good, now what else there is. Throughout the &; Sheng-zhong Yang said, come to see them a lot, the local government gave them each $200 a month.

a lot of people ask this old couple longevity, they always answered and said to them, with rural people simple language & other; Every day to work & throughout; & other; Throughout the family to be kind &; & other; No matter how much difficulty to relax & throughout; & other; Blessings & throughout; .

it is understood that in tongzhou PingTang county town, there are four centenarians, accounting for more than half of the county centenarians, one of the biggest age 111, more than 90 – year – old old man also has more than 30. Changshun tube – min, director of the bureau of civil affairs, said tongzhou town more than longevity, and the local ecological environment, water quality good.

according to a recently released at the Chinese academy of gerontology, as of July 1, 2011, national (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) alive centenarians has reached 48921 people, more than 2010, a net increase of 5228.

the expert points out, since China’s reform and opening up, China’s urban and rural economic and social development is rapid, people’s living standards greatly improved, prolong service life. In addition, there are some common longevity & other; Law & throughout; , such as easy, simple fare, diligent and active, family harmony, living environment, water quality and special climate conditions, etc.