Alien autopsy says, ‘according to a UFO in 1947 shocked the world documentary is a scam

& other; Anatomical & throughout; Alien & ndash; & ndash; A in the United States and other Throughout the roswell crash &; The report inconsistent, insider by intimidation or mysterious disappearance.

in July 1947, the roswell region remote desert in new Mexico, a mysterious object falling from the sky, a world of speculation. Mystery crashed alien visitors will really is? And report from the United States air force inconsistent, one by one person or been threatened or mysterious disappearance, let a person feel behind the truth, lies a and an elaborate hoax.

& other; Anatomical & throughout; Alien & ndash; & ndash; A in the United States and other Throughout the roswell crash &; , half a century in question & hellip; & hellip;

in July 1947, & other; Throughout the roswell crash &; Shocked by the world, it is said that after the crash, the U.S. air force not only picked up fragments of the UFO, and dissect the bodies of the aliens in secret.

in the early 1940 s, American pilots UFO encounter for the first time.

before and after the second world war, abnormal interest in ufos. From May 1947 to July, a total of 12 up see & other; The flying saucer & throughout; , is one of the most famous & other Throughout the roswell crash &; .

on July 4, 1947, a rare thunderstorm night, 49, of farmer mike & middot; Blaze, heard a big explosion was more than the thunder. The next day, he came to the distance of 75 miles northwest of roswell foster ranch, found that there is dotted with metallic fragments in the range of about 400 meters, he concluded that the special metal himself had never seen.

two days later, he will transfer metal debris to the U.S. air force base.

in the roswell daily chronicle that year on July 8th in the headlines, quoting the roswell army air force base is responsible for public relations officer as saying that the base of the Jessie & middot; Mather’s major from workers on a sheep farm hand got a & other; The flying saucer & throughout; And send it to the headquarters of the eighth army air force. The news immediately cause the curiosity of people from all walks of life, however, after 6 hours, the 8th army commander in chief Roger & middot; Lei statement completely overturned a mather’s major before, he says mather’s major is not a UFO, but remains a weather balloon. On July 9, another report says farmers blaze, neither saw & other; The flying saucer & throughout; Nor the sound of the explosion.

the inconsistent, make people wonder which it seemed.

until 1993, the U.S. air force pressure from all sides to & other Roswell incident & throughout; An investigation.

on September 8, 1994, the U.S. air force to be responsible for the interior security and special projects supervision minister Richard & middot; Weber, in the name of the individual published titled the air about the roswell incident investigation report. The report says & other; In this survey, have found no evidence to show that what happened in 1947 in the region near the roswell incident, and any extraterrestrial civilizations. Throughout the &;

is one of the most unexpected, though the report to overthrow the & other; The flying saucer & throughout; For the first time, but revealed & other; Roswell incident & throughout; And then a is considered highly confidential & other; Mogul & throughout; Surveillance program.