“All men” ballet: wear short skirt to express another masculinity (FIG.)

of the world’s most busy & other; All men & throughout; Ballet

wear tutu expressed another masculinity

they love to dance, they are with Russian women ballerina stage name of men, they can play all the roles in ballet, including in full tutu, tights and toe shoes female characters. On October 3-4, they to comedy and serious ballet at the same time to Shanghai audience.

they love it is a group of men, each of them has a stage name Russian women; They are known as & other; Throughout the world’s most humorous & stage performance; , their shock and mixed lighting strike action is equivalent to that of the mariinsky ballet; Decades to their box office, and they play, skill, style and exquisite achieved all & hellip; & hellip; This is the New York topkapi Diane ROM ballet (Les Ballets Trockadero DE Monte Carlo) & ndash; & ndash; The world’s most busy & other; All men & throughout; Ballet.

October 3-4, the toe tips and actress as perfect as men will be in the Shanghai grand theatre, ballet swan lake act 2, the baroque era “, “big pas DE deux”, “the dying swan” and “raymonda wedding” five appearance, shows the ballet group ZuWu, four people dance, pas DE deux, solo dance skills and style.

topkapi Diane’s ballet was founded in New York in 1974, the first dancer is primarily a retired ballet dancer. In the 1990 s, topkapi Diane to attract outstanding students who have just graduated from ballet school, and began to improve skills. Now the topkapi Diane has been recognized as a world-class ballet, all the dancers will toe dance, will air two weeks turn (double Tours en l‘ Air) and whip (fouetté S) ballet difficult movements, etc.

topkapi Diane ROM is the biggest characteristic of actor can perform all the characters in the ballet, including in full tutu, tights and toe shoes female characters. They take advantage of branded & other gender; Topkapi Diane ROM & throughout; Mark & ndash; & ndash; You may find that is twice as tall as the prince of & other; White swan & throughout; , seemingly clumsy always stood toe walking after depilation swan, grabbed the ballet dress two thick thighs, always can’t keep up with the rhythm of & other; The fairy & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Those with a nature of technical & other; The clown & throughout; Performance actually increases the topkapi ROM the difficulty of the dance, seemingly impromptu and random action need more skilled and superb skills to support. Dance ballet guidance Paul & middot; Bridge plug described actors work Lin: & other; Topkapi her ballet drama difficulty is very big, how to avoid injury is action in place and every actor in the required course. Topkapi Diane’s actor can play more than three roles, in order to rescue when necessary. Their versatility and strong enough. Throughout the &;

for nearly 30 years, topkapi Diane, great changes have taken place. Art director Tory & middot; Brin (Tory Dobrin) in 1980 to join the group were warned & other This will ruin your career & throughout; , now, topkapi Diane McCullough to public career choice. & other; This is the progress of the society & throughout; , & middot; Mr Brin said. Topkapi Diane luo has 48 of the 50 states in the United States performance; Every year in London, United Kingdom, the peacock theatre season, in London’s west end show 3 consecutive weeks; 19 times performances in Japan and has topkapi Diane ROM aficionado club in Japan; 39 times in Europe, including 18 British city, 40 Italian city, 24, a French city, 10 Dutch city, 10 Spanish city & hellip; & hellip; Topkapi day tour of the city has more than 500, from Russia to South Africa.

the topkapi her repertoire of “the dying swan,” the only constant dropping swan made a three minutes on the stage for the toe, it is hard to imagine a man how can have such a soft arms and toe so perfect, and that for the dancers of topkapi her have been common.

in fact, the topkapi Diane’s toe training began in the 1990 s, the ballet guidance Pamela & middot; Split ratio, (Pamela Pribisco) requires actors have to the body center of gravity rises above the hips, and emphasis is put on their toe skills training. Miami ballet’s former chief actress Elena & middot; Lopez (Iliana Lopez) has also served as topkapi ballet, Diane’s instruction, she proposes the actor toe skills should be as perfect and actress. These professional training topkapi black actor of female characters in the play Russian ballet, the audience is easy to believe that is a woman in the dancing on the stage.

seen topkapi d performance of audience, it must be very curious about the big toe shoes in secret. Topkapi Diane’s dance company, revealed that most of their shoes are spot, is not a special (because in the United States also has a lot of bigfoot ballet actress), except only one & ndash; & ndash; The highest dance company figure actor Joshua & middot; Grant (Joshua Grant) & ndash; & ndash; His shoe size is 17 yards in the United States, the equivalent of more than 50 yards of China! But their toe shoes after & all other After processing & throughout; , cushion pads in shoes, adjust the position of the ribbon and rubber band every toe shoes of different styles and patterns. In New York, topkapi her through the dancers dancing shoes become the most popular with aficionado of souvenirs.

their female ballet star stage name is taken from the former Soviet union or Russia, such as & other; Hair removal swan & throughout; Paul & middot; The female stage name of auspicious celine from retired Russian ballet actress & other; Ada & middot; He wasa nevan & throughout; Nevasayneva (Ida), and Paul on the iconic role also has heavy & other; Ada & middot; He wasa nevan & throughout; Performance characteristics. & other; The giant & throughout; Joshua & middot; Grand stage name of women is a famous Russian ballet star Catherine & middot; Ba, Eva (Katerina Bychkova), she and king kong sharply pas DE deux poster hanging in the Empire State Building in New York for a long time.

topkapi Diane’s success, due to they insist banter and entertainment spirit behind, is the solid skills of ballet and fanaticism and worship of classical ballet. Tory & middot; Brin think, & other; Topkapi Diane’s ballet actor is very good a ballet dancer. Because they love of classical ballet make, they become a professional ballet dancer. They join topkapi Diane, because they feel classical ballet is that they strive for, their own art. At the same time, they are also a comedian, we really attracted a comedy talent ballet dancer. In ballet, the actor’s comedy talent didn’t play space, because the ballet is so serious. Topkapi Diane is the perfect combination of ballet and comedy. Throughout the &;

the five program performance of their time will last more than two hours, including the longest 32 minutes of swan lake and the shortest time of 6 minutes of the dying swan.


“the bund”

D=Tory & middot; Brin (Tory Dobrin)

B: why do want to set up such a man ballet?

D: 10 years in the late 1960 s, American society currents. In terms of stage performance, cross-dressing performance also has the very big development, topkapi Diane’s artistic development is rooted in this period. At the time of the United States, and & other Drag & throughout; Performance at the same time, popular and ballet, topkapi Diane ROM is the product of a combination of these. & other; Monte carlo – topkapi Diane ROM ballet & throughout; Refers to the name of the topkapi her ballet history of imitated by prototype, it was the Russian ballet (Ballets Russes) era, the group founded in Paris in the early 20th century, after moved to monte carlo.

B: are you and how you imitate the history of the prototype is a kind of relationship?

D: in the late 70 s, the United States still has a lot of from Russian ballet dance teacher, our members are also from them, and so is the real training. Before an exaggerated deformation style, you have to really understand it. We think a dancer after many years of training to enter our field, manufactures will finish. Like all great works of art, we are also deduce all feelings & ndash; & ndash; Envy, jealousy, revenge, happiness, sadness & hellip; & hellip; Is pseudo sad, of course, our audience for laughter, forever of topkapi her this mean.

B: why don’t you need to women of ballet?

D: topkapi Diane Luo Jiantuan early did actress performance male role. Topkapi Diane’s position is a comedy ballet, we made a deep research on the various elements of comedy, men wear bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt is very funny, the actress has been strong in the clothing of men. I think it is because it is widely believed that a man should be strong, the male image should be muscular, strong physique. In our culture, people are born delicate exquisite look funny think men & ndash; & ndash; I don’t know why. Women play a man does not have such effect. People can accept a woman strong, rather than its and humor. So the topkapi d development gradually perfect man comedy ballet.

B: member, the role of the male characters and female characters have fixed division? Or they can play the role of men and women? If there is a fixed division of labor, is according to their ability to do well and to the division of individual be fond of?

D: topkapi her ballet all actors play two roles men and women. Remember, topkapi Diane dancers do not want the audience thinks they are women, we are not pretending to be a woman, we’re just playing female roles. All the various character role is to deduce the male fashion, just wear women’s clothes, this also is one of the punchline. We respect the limit of male in ballet techniques, we know what you’re doing, rather than blindly for fun. Wear ballet skirt doesn’t mean we are not men, we are just another kind of masculinity in expressing. The definition of masculinity is very broad. Our work is ballet high-quality goods, own all ballet vocabulary, including steps and actions.

B: topkapi her ballet with original ballet instruction is a ballerina, are you still with female guide?

D: in New York, we and the world’s top ballet star has extensive cooperation, including Russia’s Mr Liana & middot; She, lu mina & middot; Ray Arnold, venezuela’s Elena & middot; Lopez, Spain’s Laura & middot; Mazzy, zarathustra in South Africa & middot; Gunn, America’s Gina & middot; Wave of GBS, kerry and Cuba dede & middot; Martinez. Topkapi Diane’s current ballet guidance Paul & middot; Bridge plug Lin worked as a dancer in topkapi her for 15 years, now still the dying swan on performance. I think, understand women to look at the Angle of the ballet is very important, no matter in the studio or on the stage.

B: I see other report said, the topkapi Diane Luo Jiantuan early, not all members are really trained dancer, so they are comedian? How many ingredients in comedy factors account for your performance?

D: early birth, topkapi Diane’s orientation of comedy than ballet; Over time, the ballet is becoming increasingly important, until now, ballet and comedy to achieve perfect balance, perfect harmony.

B: lift a male swan is difficult than lift female swans? What feeling is put on a skirt and tights? Experience toe dance brings you a what kind of feeling? You will know more about women?

D: toe dance is topkapi Diane ROM. Compulsory course for all the actors, whether male or female roles. Practice toe dance male role for comedy purposes, while the female character is role requirements, in addition to have no choice but to practice. Toe dance is very difficult, but from a technical point of view is also very interesting. I prefer to see toe shoes as a dance piece of equipment. To the tennis analogy: graff and Andre agassi to hit the ball with the same techniques, graff good technical details, but agassi more powerful. The topkapi Diane ROM, better ballerina technical details, and actor toe dance have more strength and strength from the technical level.

when the actors wear toe shoes, he really deepened the understanding of female ballet dancer. Bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt is very cute and lovely costumes always feel good. Topkapi Diana’s dress is generally alternative and exaggerated.

as for the lift, although the actor weight is heavier, bounce dynamics is greater than the actress, but for base, lifts, lift the dancers would be more powerful bounce to resolve its body weight, so in most cases, the lift is not a problem.

B: early on, may not have such a liberal society, what you have faced criticism even slander? Are you must have a very strong heart to stick?

D: early birth, topkapi Diane’s new ideas led to the American ballet and various public opposition. But there are also a part of the social people understand and love topkapi Diane, tickets for performances, they become the topkapi Diane’s fans. Mature as time goes by, the society is change, and to accept the topkapi Diane’s people more and more, now has completely is not a problem. null