All parts of China are mostly white-collar “real book” reading participants

key bridge road Shanghai day there is a small village, village is a small book. All doors and Windows, reporter saw a book about 50 square meters, paint the light blue paint, looks extraordinarily eye-catching. In the book is divided into three compartments size, most inside a put all kinds of books is the main part of the book, the middle is a tea room, put the sofa and tea table; The most outside a is a corridor, a staircase leads to the second floor.

space though, but does not prevent master enthusiasm and fans excited. Reporters visiting this afternoon, the little book in the crowded many young readers, come to attend the theme & other; On the road & throughout; The reality of reading activities. The promoter is a book club boss roach, mainly through & other; Douban community throughout the &; Reading is a reality, have also been recruited from a website, readers have also been mostly in & other; Douban & throughout; Met already a long time. By reading two reality, also is the so-called two & other; Travel book & throughout; , it is near the white-collar work. One is graduated from Shanghai international studies university, during the period of study abroad in France, visited many parts of Europe, another has been to Japan, South Korea trip. To reading reality, is mostly white-collar workers, students.

& other; Reading reality & throughout; Give priority to with to share and exchange activities, watching the Louvre in Paris the Mona Lisa smile, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, smell the fragrance of provence lavender, drinking coffee in a small town in colmar, eating authentic French cuisine & hellip; & hellip; And the difference from reading paper books is given priority to with pictures and video interpretation (scene projection) & other; Real books & throughout; Readers through real listening and communication, can personally experience their travel experience. After the reporter sees, share, does not seem to be reading activity, human communication continues to books and readers, they also leave each other contact, meet to travel, meet the next & other; Real people reading & throughout; .

the reporter understands, real reading is not the small book original, similar activities have been carried out all over the country. In march of this year, chengdu a rabbit’s foot reality real books activities held by the library; In April, world reading after a few days ago, a big island in guangzhou library human reading activity, and other Real books & throughout; At 40 & other; Throughout the &; . In addition, Beijing, chongqing and other places there are multiple provincial library has launched a similar human reading activities.

& other; Real books & throughout; Is import. More than a decade ago, Danish youth’s love and others created & other; Reality library & throughout; , was originally due to stop the violence public organization, its purpose is against violence, to encourage dialogue, eliminate prejudice, to build a friendship between the audience. After entering China, it become more bookstore reading, such as books and library organization propaganda, sharing the tools of the story. Such as MeLibrary reality that library & other; Everyone is a book has a story! Throughout the &; Their propaganda theme is & other; The real story into a book & throughout; And then rent out and share with the reader. Beijing sea stars reality library propaganda theme is & other; Pursues the principle of respect for the independence and the principle of positive, sharing all kinds of interesting beneficial human story book mutual interactive platform. Let the same met similar. Throughout the &; Emphasizes the same story, and during the world book and copyright day this year, the new chongqing library’s library, lend people as the book to readers, the communication is the theme of the loan real books specialty or special experience, aim to & other; Borrow one & throughout; The way of readers with real people to read the communication book.

real books reading activities, or how much reality library can dispel culture stunt aperture, is a problem. Many people suspect that human reading, the first reason is to the age have no patience to read. & other; Haven’t online, we read figure, now had the network, we read books, read blogs, read weibo, right now, we simply connect words don’t have to read, reading a person directly. This reflects the impatience of the era have no patience. Text reading more worth to cherish. Throughout the &; Wu ora such comments. In fact, the real reading is not completely changed people’s reading. The crux of the problem is that the entity bookstores and libraries in promoting human reading activity, focusing on the share and read the story and expertise of others, not the reality of library public spirit. This leads to real reading activities in tend to choose your real story type and technical, rather than encouraging dialogue, eliminate prejudice, in reality to build a true friendship between the readers and books. But in fact, this perhaps is the real essence of reading and reality library.