Amateur brother-in-law receive 15 yuan a portrait by investing: (almost

recently, friends of the senior well taken pell, in the money to send a set of pictures online, said to have not learned to draw a brother-in-law, on to draw sketch portrait, 15 yuan a picture.

reporter contacted the pell, & other; It was around 2:30 in the afternoon, in the north mountain roads near broken bridge, I saw a group of people around the past see, then I see the old gentleman is painting to a pair of visitors throughout the &; , due to the side of the road used to paint a portrait of mostly young people, many of them is a student of art, it is rare to see such a large age to draw, & other; So when people see a lot of, I can chat with old man. Throughout the &;

pell said, the uncle zhu, is from Shanghai, very enthusiastic also very talkative, & other; He is fond of saying, so talk more with him. Throughout the &; Pell said. Zhu Dabo, though I never had formal learning, like drawing very much. & other; The friend said he painted well, he is very happy. So this time he took his art supplies to give a person a portrait. Was he painted for the tourists, male of some embarrassed, woman always laughing. Because it is a sketch, also didn’t ask for much like, probably drew more than 10 minutes, Zhu Dabo finished, two tourists gave uncle 15 yuan, and went away. Throughout the &;

pell posted Zhu Dabo work caused the netizens’ simplicity. The net friend & other; Zjdxdd” Comment on: & other; Graffiti also appeared to be charge, (about! Throughout the &; But there are also netizens think: & other; Have not learned to as such, 15 yuan as encourage is also very good! Throughout the &;

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