America existed more than 200 years ago the blue skin family avatar of a (FIG.)


here fogg family portraits of

movie “avatar” still (figure)

Beijing, Feb. 22 (xinhua) according to Taiwan & other; Today’s news & throughout; 22, in the movie “avatar” has a blue skin, beauty is impressive, have recently, foreign media reported in more than 200 years ago in the United States in the Appalachian mountains, a group of live & other Blue family & throughout; , each member in the family of the skin like the lake blue, scientists concluded that said may be caused by inbreeding.

according to the report, & other; Blue family & throughout; Ancestors surname fogg, is a French orphan, came to the United States at the beginning of the 19th century and the mountains of eastern Kentucky, the isolated life, later with Elizabeth & middot; Smith married man and seven children, including four children have blue skin.

fogg family because intermarry with nearby villagers generations, until 1958, when a male member of the family went to a hospital for medical examination only revealed & other Blue skin & throughout; The mysterious veil. Research shows that fogg family got methemoglobin hematic disease, & other; Met H” Genes carry oxygen ability, reducing human body blood so deep blood color is normal, finally appear blue.