American painter to break the mystery of the Mona Lisa background image four animals (FIG.)

was prominent in the Mona Lisa painting animals image capture (web page)

international online features: according to Britain’s the sun newspaper reported on December 6, an American artist claims cracked the Mona Lisa painting in 500 secret, hidden in the background of the Mona Lisa’s head has three animals in the wandering, lions, monkeys and buffalo. He also found that the Mona Lisa’s on the left side of the body has a crocodile or a snake like animals.

this painter named RON & middot; Skin west Nile (Ron Piccirillo), 37. RON is in the process of flip the Mona Lisa, notice the buffalo image by accident. In the following two months, he is studying for & middot; Vinci log (da Vinci ‘s journals), and finally come to the conclusion that hidden animal images. RON said, this painting represents the envy, is one of the seven deadly SINS.

RON said: & other; The Mona Lisa is actually a representative of jealousy. That is surprising, because everyone thought & middot; Finch had never left the Mona Lisa, but now it seems that he apparently left a clue. Throughout the &;


Mona Lisa to the right of the buffalo (web screenshot)

RON also explained the Mona Lisa’s right hand is not the natural bent. He said: & other; This reflects her contempt, means that she can use his power against god. Throughout the &; The shadow of the Mona Lisa’s eyes and nose around pattern is like a palm tree, RON said: this & other; Painters use palm branches and the olive branch to hurt her eyes, with laurel and cherry tree hurt her ears, means for the Mona Lisa, victory and truth disgusting. Throughout the &;

RON said, he is a famous painter Titian, Titian, Raphael, Raphael and Michelangelo (Michelangelo) and other masters of the Renaissance paintings, also found similar hidden images.