American women artists to live birth process has been in the gallery for the delivery

female artist wants to live on the gallery childbirth

according to the daily mail reported that the United States a performance artist has decided to complete her childbirth in the gallery, to achieve their ideal for art. The woman said, under the eyes of the children is the highest level of art.

the woman named marnie – Kotak (Marni Kotak), a 36-year-old. In the next five weeks, she will have been living in New York bush wake microscope gallery, until her first child was born in there, this process will be open to the public. Kotak, said the move is in order to better the process of delivery, is the highest form of art. She also shows the name & other; X babies born & throughout; , and said the child was born may at any time.

kotak said: & other; I want people to see that human life is the most complex art form. The baby is one of the greatest life expression. Throughout the &; Kotak once on the stage show live performances, including will lose my virginity as a kind of art performance, she said she was not worried in public shows the process of delivery.

kotak next show called & other; A baby X” , will attempt to show how to raise children to become an art form.