America’s first female secretary of state’s brooch foreign (FIG.)

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a brooch, a woman to show off the adorn article, add luster for the iraqis and orchestra, diplomats chose it as his own breath & ndash; & ndash; With this dazzling exaggerated euphemism a second face on the representation of the truth. This rare and interesting way of foreign obviously possessing characteristics of female charm and the United States, let us from another Angle met Madeleine & middot; Madeleine albright.

reading my brooch (guangxi normal university press), half is interspersed with photo memoir, half is the social history, by wearing these brooches, provides us a chance to close observation of Madeleine albright’s life. Her collection of both the international characteristic, also have democracy characteristics & ndash; & ndash; The store to buy cheap brooch with the works of designers share honor with family heirlooms. Including albright to celebrate was appointed as secretary of state, and buy the ancient Dong Ying brooch, and nelson & middot; When they met nelson mandela, wearing zebra brooch, valentine’s day when their five year old daughter the heart-shaped brooch. “Read my brooch in a total of more than two hundred photos, along with which is about jewelry, global politics, and one of the most charming diplomat as the hero’s life is both fascinating and funny stories.

when I saw her coat with shining sun or beaming ladybugs, dignitaries and filled with pleasant; But if it is a crab or menacing bumblebee, was not so readily. Madeleine albright use brooch is mainly in order to emphasize the importance of the negotiations, or embodies the lofty expectations, or protest the stagnant of the situation, or express themselves to represent the United States share of the proud.

& other; The bill & middot; Bill Clinton’s first term in office (1993 & ndash; 1997), I am a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Comes after the first gulf war, the us-led coalition forces fought off of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. As part of the post-war agreement, the United Nations for Iraq to accept its verification, and to provide on nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons programs all content.

& other; When saddam hussein & middot; Hussein refused to cooperate, how dare I criticized him. Then controlled by the government of Iraq the press published poem titled “to Madeleine & middot; Madeleine albright, no greetings, poetry. The author in poetry at first then set the tone: & lsquo; Madeleine albright, Madeleine albright, come on you, come on you, you are the most ugly things in this night. & rsquo; Then paint a picture of eye-catching visual image: & lsquo; Madeleine albright, no one can stop the road to Jerusalem, even with a destroyer, a ghost or an elephant. & rsquo; Heat has fanned up at this point, the poet said I am & lsquo; An unparalleled noise makers & rsquo; , & lsquo; A unique snake & rsquo; .

& other; In October 1994, the poem published shortly after, I want to keep meeting with Iraqi officials, what to wear?

& other; A few years ago, I bought a serpentine brooch. At the beginning don’t know why I want to buy, because I always hate snakes. Whenever see a snake, I trembled. However, when a my favorite shop in Washington see this serpentine brooch, but I can’t refuse the temptation of it. Brooch is small, it is a wound on the branches, hanging in the mouth with a small diamond grain of snakes.

& other; In the process of ready to meet with iraqis, I was reminded of the brooch, decided to wear it. I don’t think the move is a big deal, even doubt whether the iraqis will associate to the poem. However, after the meeting, meet a UN members of the press corps, she familiar with the poem, and asked why I choose to wear the brooch. All the television cameras focus on my brooch, I smiled and said this was just the way I pass information. Throughout the &; IfengLogo F107