An interview with the cloud master: religious, believe it or not does not matter to be the most important

actually religious, believe it or not does not matter, to be the most important, people are doing is not good, what are you doing to the world

in jiangsu yixing temple of great enlightenment gallery, an enter a door on the wall of a picture of master nebula at the age of 25, facial contour hale and hearty, the forehead between the young. The museum data shows the master’s biography and his with their national leaders in different periods.

the cloud master said he had been born in yangzhou & other; Poor boy & throughout; , not read books. But now, he has a doctorate in nine, he founded the international Buddha’s light, do the four universities, there are three hundred temples in all over the world, millions of people.

he advocated & other; The world buddhist & throughout; Ceng Li holding Taiwan buddhist decline trend. Meditation class, a student says & other; The strengths of the master is to buddhist everywhere all adjust measures to local conditions. Throughout the &;

on May 22, 2011 morning, the nebula masters in the temple of great enlightenment to accept the Oriental outlook magazine, which is an interview with reporters.

Buddhism and politics is not the opposite

Oriental outlook weekly: you put forward & other; The world buddhist & throughout; , have explained many times, it is the core of what?

the cloud master: shakyamuni Buddha Buddhism after established, after 2600 years of widespread, Buddhism gradually changed appearance, only pay attention to chant and manners, and no attention to the human life. Into the mountains, such as the buddhist life rarely to the society; Buddhism become only to temple worship, and family and society had no relationship; Buddhism into a family of patent, believers less slowly at home. So, I put forward & other; The world buddhist & throughout; , pay attention to life, family, society, can make Buddhism more balanced development.

& other; The world buddhist & throughout; As well as the traditional Buddhism, Buddha is a, the initial Buddhism is Buddhism, traditional and modern fusion now, or the world Buddhism.

Oriental outlook weekly: what do you think what is the relationship between Buddhism and political rule?

the cloud master: Buddhism and politics is not the opposite, politics do not guard against Buddhism, to protect the buddhist, more space to Buddhism, because Buddhism can maintain social moral, purify people’s mind, promote social order, and improved social ethos, Buddhism in politics is actually helpful.

since the ancient times, from India to China, a cult, I don’t know, just as the religious and political opposition, he put the political leaders as a company, the chairman of the board of directors, you how we no matter on the stage, we only do service, do good. So many times in the history of regime change, Buddhism is not involved in, which are masters of the country, I will support you. So politics should take Buddhism as best friend, I hope in the future China strengthen the cultivation of talents of Buddhism, have free missionary, let Buddhism protection by the state policy.

the Oriental outlook magazine, & other; The world buddhist & throughout; To & other; Harmonious society & throughout; What are the construction of help?

the cloud master: Buddhism is to promote a harmonious society. Shakyamuni Buddha was sangha, called Saturday and sangha which 6? See the same solution, and the rings and repair, and with all, meaning and yue, the mouth and no Zheng, body and live together. Language seems to be not very easy to understand, I use modern words, the first thought unity; The second legal equality; The third benefit equilibrium; The fourth heart joy; Fifth to language harmony, the sixth to life and joy. At the beginning of sangha has the six aspects of demand, now the temple to rebuild the system of Buddhism, the rules and regulations to the Renaissance of shakyamuni Buddha to stay.

want money should be justified, Buddhism speak to net wealth

the Oriental outlook magazine, many temples in China, and some management is not perfect, the society to the some problem, such as excessive commercialization, corruption, etc., what do you think?

the cloud master: Buddhism in the world, the world any a group, is to have a good mind, demands absolute clean, good, that’s not just to the heaven? The monks in the temple will not no wrong, but better than a general of the people of the society, for example, drinking or smoking, they dare not openly. Buddhist, there are at least ashamed heart, still have scruples, also do not despise them. Buddhism, of course, also need to be purified.

countries should have real hope for the measures for the administration of Buddhism, there should be more autonomous space. Buddhist association and the temple has a certain system and rules, to quit, for system use, let Buddhism progress slowly.

“Oriental outlook weekly” : now the Chinese temple cultural relics bureau, bureau of administration, administration for religious affairs, and a little cross.

the cloud master: I am on the surface of the open and prosperous China’s Buddhism, is yes, what’s the problem with internal, more research is needed. Especially I think administration of cultural heritage, tourism should not be involved in and Buddhism, Buddhism to back clean, it is not a place to go sightseeing, you can go sightseeing in the school? It is not to recreation. Temple can visit, in order to purify the mind, the temple is a place beyond, with secular personnel to manage the Buddhism is not appropriate.

Oriental outlook weekly: Buddha mountain has branches all over the world, inevitably facing complex personnel and financial management, what’s your experience to share?

the cloud master: Buddha mountain 300 monasteries, more than 1000 monks of monks, nuns, the world has 5 million believers around at home, we basically did not like what is on the social class, high rank, management, and even we do not have funds, we all contribute to the society outside money, education, culture, and society.

all of us are volunteers, no pay, do not save money, did not say how many a month treatment, we are actually the real socialism. Because no money, no trouble, ordinary people have the money, think about open a shop, make more money.

“Oriental outlook weekly” : some people do business with buddhist, such as selling expensive tickets, expensive perfume, multiplier, etc., what do you think? The tolerance or resolute don’t allow?

the cloud master: now some buddhist temples to admission, should not, is everybody’s temples, ancient cultural relics, is the historical property, is Shared. Users can pay, but use it to make money, should not be.

however, I know of buddhist monks, sometimes want money, but not corruption, he don’t need to bring money home, he must be used to build the scripture-stored, constructs the Ursa major, don’t money also have no way to development. But for the money should be justified, Buddhism a net gain.