Ancient Chinese officialdom entertainment: secretary, drink drunk death Like palace party

northern song dynasty was painted article will figure (local, Chinese Taipei & other; The Palace Museum & throughout; Hidden)

recently, the central region a mayor himself & other; Fact & throughout; Schedule record ect are there in a year, more than 1500, four or five a day on average, while drinking party, could chew. Mahle, reminiscent of officialdom, more than one thousand years ago there were official drink drunk death.

when the five dynasties, the evolvement of qidan built in northern China has important effect to the situation in the central plains. Rising, ji and the northern han is almost regime in qidan support, so this a few regime to curry favor with the qidan rulers.

the History As A Mirror volume two hundred and ninety, 951 a.d., ji, our Liu Chong established the northern han regime in jinyang, in order to contend with erros, he tried to befriend with qidan people, constantly sent messengers to the khitans request alliance, shelter.

qidan rulers from northern han aid request, and with the erros & other; Eye & throughout; , also sent congratulations to guo wei upper success, acceded to the zhou emperor. , by the way the qidan first rat ends erros and northern han know, but who also can’t, who call it strength.

erros of wide along the first year (951) in April, qidan liao jose sectarian Lord told Liu Chong, big emperor weeks of guo wei sent envoy to visit the khitans promise as long as the zhou dynasty and the liao countries agreed to the establishment of diplomatic ties, since then the zhou dynasty presented qidan thousands Min of money every year.

Liu Chong a listen to understand, this is in reveal the ins and outs of qidan nationality, lift price! & ndash; & ndash; Now that rely on qidan defend against big week, of course, the price cannot under the zhou dynasty thousands Min, fortunately, there were twelve states people to take on taxation.

so, & other; At northern han zheng have the thick to approach the khitans, claims & lsquo; The book on the nephew, emperor uncle should the emperor & rsquo; Please all copies & throughout; . It is not hard to see from this line alone, northern han for qidan buttering up to what degree!

& other; Special envoy & throughout; At zheng gong is what person? He was confidant of northern han emperor, as does ShiLang chapter, with flat, equivalent to a prime minister, would you like to northern han emperor called qidan emperor for & other; The emperor uncle & throughout; And it is impossible to send a general officer to the qidan people take great mission. However, Zheng Daren never thought, on this errand to his unburied unexpectedly.

so official records: & other; Now, the northern han does assistant minister, with flat chapter at zheng gong died in qidan people. Throughout the &; The reality is that zheng at die suddenly died, died belly bowel decay. Open prime minister to visit, but sudden death in neighbouring countries, this is how much of a diplomatic incident! & ndash; & ndash; Zheng at the end is how dead? Is ill? Or hideous by poison?

drink drunk at zheng gong is dead. The khitans good wine, meat as modern. When the qidan monarch of law, whether winter or summer, as long as you happy, then go to the safari, safari when must drink, safari, drinking every time only then is willing to give up to play for seven days and nights.

and, he also like to make palace Party, drink, such as go, close to dawn is allowed to break, no matter what government affairs, just sleeping, is often a sleeping till noon, therefore got a & other; King bed & throughout; Allow. Permeates, up and down the qidan countries & other; Proud of can drink, ashamed of not drink & throughout; Wine culture is quite strong.

at the qidan, zheng to send money and express infinite admiration, qidan emperor happy, reception of the specifications of the high, wine meat, into the cylinder piles. At zheng gong know qidan nationality tradition, of course, don’t drink is not to give the face of qidan nationality, naturally unruly qidan people can turn on the spot, so the qidan people have to drink, and, it is best to & other; Can you drink drink a catty eight & throughout; .

besides, Zheng Daren is with the mission, want somebody else, don’t drink, don’t ignore you. Zheng at burly, in northern han also calculate wine name, but the qidan people with too strong. Qidan ministers to invite party drink, zheng at a also can’t afford to offend, drink according to the order.

so, drink to drink of the emperor, drank a minister to accompany the emperor drink, the ancients have words & other; With a gentleman lay down his life for his & throughout; . Sure enough, in qidan palace party, Zheng Daren drank the excess of wine, drunk. The next day, decay and death, zheng at belly bowel & other; And resin and outreach & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; It is indeed & other; Died on & throughout; ! After qidan was sent troops to assist erros of northern han attack, but with a dollar diplomacy, try very hard to drink and no change history, northern han even in the midst of a powerful qidan military aid, no scampering long, finally at peace and rejuvenating the country four years (979), is given out, have the before and after 29 years.

according to historical records, in the banquet of qidan nationality, being drunk diplomat has more than one death. Qidan people not only their hard-drinking, but also forced the guest had irrigation, perhaps, this is also the liao country political not a big deal for one reason.

alas, cause die who drunk at a banquet given on public officials. The wind of know drink & other; Drink bad government ethics drink bad stomach & throughout; , but don’t drink again afraid hurt, afraid of into alternative, afraid can’t finish work on hand a bollocking scold. This, ancient and modern same reaction.