Ancient Egyptian mummies fashion new discovery: anticorrosive teacher rubbed body with palm wine

Canadian researchers analyzed 150 ancient Egyptian mummies found that the ancient egyptians mummified, the body is not like the ancient Greek historian Herodotus says the use of internal cedar oil decomposition, do not always keep the heart.

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about how the ancient egyptians mummified, mostly from the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. Method according to the body, he says, living status are usually divided into two, etc. If it’s elite, anticorrosive division cutting the abdomen, eviscerated; For & other; Class & throughout; , anticorrosive division with cedar oil directly decompose internal organs.

according to Herodotus, the corrosion process, the brain of body should be removed, but retain the heart.

25 British media quoted an anthropologist from the university of western Ontario, Canada, Andrew & middot; Wade said: & other; His many explanations (Herodotus) sounds more like a story, so we carefully think about everything he said. Throughout the &; Wade and his colleagues refer to ancient literature describing the embalming, careful observation of 150 ancient Egyptian mummy, mummy used CT scans to 7 and establish three-dimensional CT image, found in the tradition of more than 2400 years of Herodotus about mummification statement is wrong.



researchers published in journal of comparative human biology paper said, no matter rich or poor, the dead is mostly in the process of embalming cut open abdominal evisceration, but different part of the elites of mummification, anticorrosive division cutting anal region eviscerated.

the researchers also found that not many signs of corrosion engineers use cedar oil.

in addition, the research of the mummies, only 25% of the heart in in situ. Researchers think that mummified initially ancient Egyptian upper class privilege, then gradually expand into the middle class, keep the heart of the mummy could mean high living status.

wade said: & other; Elite need some way to make yourself different from under his subjects. Throughout the &;

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as for Herodotus on mummy’s brain was removed and deserted, the researchers found that about one 5 of the mummy to keep the brain, other mummies of the brain most of the removed through the nose.

said wade, anticorrosive after evisceration, teachers use palm wine, etc to clean all over body, antibacterial effect, and then put the body into natron powder heap for many days, for draining water, with a linen cloth or wood chip packages, sometimes add some spices.

the smithsonian institution in Washington the anthropologist David & middot; Hunt argues, researchers from the university of western Ontario found shows the ancient anticorrosion technology change.

hunter said, many people believe that mummies are made from a kind of method, but after 3000 years, must not stand still, & other; We know that the Sudanese (mummified) method with Alexander is not the same throughout the &; .