Ancient expert analytic exhibition: the earliest space for human habitation

recently, & other; Central park & throughout; Construction planning preliminary revealed that the attention of the society from all walks of life. In the proposed & other; Central park & throughout; Including zhong shan and xuanwu two scenic spots. These two scenic hill, strewn at random have send, dependent, Yin and Yang are complementary, laid the innate centers for nanjing city.

the special professor of history at the university of nanjing He Yunao, take us review zhong & ndash; Exhibition area of the previous generation this life, from the central city in the first habitable space, to the Ming dynasty imperial forbidden area, and to the republic of China in late qing dynasty when gradually turns to the public gardens, during which many changes to let a person plaint.

He Yunao

ancient xuanwu periphery

is the earliest suitable living space

in addition to the east of zhong shan, surrounding the exhibition in the south and by zhoushan (including small jiuhua mountain) and jilongshan (now the North Pole cabinet), drum tower, the north has the small solid mountain, hongshan, etc.

around the ancient xuanwu is the earliest suitable for human living space in downtown nanjing today. As early as 6500 & ndash; 4000 years ago, the exhibition with the nanjing people’s life has had the contact, the drum tower post north of the camp of Yin and Yang, small east of hongshan SuoJin Village and AnHuai Village area of the late neolithic age to the Bronze Age have been found the ruins of human settlements.

zhong shan is the highest mountain in the nanjing area elevation, in 333 BC, the king of ChuWei Jin Lingyi in nanjing, zhong shan after an & other; Jin Lingshan & throughout; Said. Eastern han dynasty last years, radar ling commandant Jiang Ziwen killed by chasing a thief in the foot of zhongshan, city people build & other; Jiang temple & throughout; (now Jiang Wang temple), xuanwu said & other; Jiang Linghu & throughout; .

however, what makes xuanwu and zhong shan area is closely related with the city of nanjing in the six dynasties. Recorded at the end of xiping, zhuge liang to jiangdong passing provender ling (now nanjing), make & other; Zhong shan dragon PAM, stone rests, this is the home of emperors throughout & also; Evaluation, thus, & other; Zhong shan dragon PAM & throughout; And & other Dragon vein & throughout; That become people to & other; Zhong shan & throughout; The reputation. So far in zhong shan foothill and the founding emperor wu & other; Jiang Ling & throughout; , Ming founding emperor zhu yuanzhang & other Xiao ling & throughout; , the republic of China’s first & other; Temporary President & throughout; Mr Sun yat-sen’s & other Sun yat-sen’s mausoleum & throughout; Such important tomb relics.

exhibition with the nanjing landscape of feng shui & other; Basaltic & throughout; (east green dragon, west white tiger, rosefinch, north black south) of the elephant. A series of hills is located in the south of xuanwu is in geomantic go up to constitute the ancient nanjing & other; Basaltic & throughout; Like, in the north of the lake is named & other; Basaltic & throughout; Taken for granted. In the literature, however, say the name of exhibition with Liu Songyuan jia twenty-five years (448 years) in the lake appear & other; The black dragon & throughout; The relevant.

no matter how, the six dynasties, 300 years, Mr. Zhong and xuanwu imagery has officially become the nanjing urban planning and development space. Xuanwu in southern dynasties, the area is bigger than now to 2 times or so, and directly with the Yangtze river, a lake can be water army training place. Starting around eastern jin, renovation and construction of exhibition has gained many times. Especially, in the southern dynasty dynasty and surrounding daxing garden, in the xuanwu area has had to live a grove, le tour garden grove, China and other famous imperial gardens.

during this period, Mr. Zhong also get the favour of scholars and clergy, people not only tree-planting afforestation in zhong shan, and Liu Songshi, zhong shan appear many temples, ZhuMingZhe as Lin temple, made a Lin temple, Song Xi temple, temple, MingQing temple, big love worship temple, buddhist monk temple, green garden temple, etc. Are a group of private gardens in zhong shan, famous people such as the southern dynasty & other The salon pavilion & throughout; , & other Bo hope garden & throughout; , & other ShangBiao pavilion & throughout; And liang dynasty literary giant Shen Yao & other; Salon & throughout; And so on.

the sui and tang dynasties, the nanjing city status, zhong shan and exhibition are left out. Great calligrapher c l state secretariat, once change exhibition & other; Free life pond & throughout; . Many famous poets such as li bai, tu mu, WeiZhuang, li shangyin, etc., in the face of the vicissitudes of life change ascribed to xuanwu status, such as Li Baiyou & other; Lake months after free wave of jiangzhou & throughout; The sentence.

to south down period, xuanwu once Renaissance, so down south secretary Feng Mi lust after the lake & other; Nominal scenic spot, what picture & throughout; Lake, and put forward to the emperor will be given to him as the request of the private garden, it was because seohyun stop just forget about it. Zhong shan at this time also get the attention of the court. After li yu built here & other; The kind throughout the dojo &; Worthies Jason li in the daxing TingXie, claims & other; Zhong shan male & throughout; , his wife also claim & other; Zhong shan [& throughout; .

however, due to far away from the city, two of the song and yuan dynasties nearly 400, zhong shan and exhibition are not valued. During this period, the north wall of nanjing in the south of pearl river road this paper, a line, today the wall of the north bridge was the north gate. Zhong shan, xuanwu in the east, north suburb. Xuanwu in the northern song dynasty years, once was jiangning prefect wang anshi & other; Waste lake for field & throughout; Until yuan dynasty gradually water reclaimation. More than 200 years after the resurrection of xuanwu area ratio of the six dynasties has greatly narrowed.

Ming city wall, the exit of

let & other; Are linked by mountains and rivers and & throughout; Become a landscape space

zhong shan and xuanwu real revival should be in the Ming dynasty. In the Ming dynasty has three major influence on the two area.

it is the two regions respectively built & other; Throughout the area &; . Due to the tomb of hong wu emperor of zhu yuanzhang, with more than 20 kilometers long red walls around the zhong shan is bounded, with thousands of & other; Xiao ling who & throughout; Stationed to defend, other people are not allowed to enter; Xuanwu is Yu Hongwu early as storage population, field files (called & other; Yellow Book & throughout;) The & other; Yellow Book library & throughout; , also banned inside, helpless people write poetry, said & other; For storage layout to, more than just a castle in the setting sun, low & throughout; .

2 it is to build the wall to the zhong shan and the southern bank of the xuanwu, west side, at the foot of the zhong shan, exhibition and the main and zhoushan, much a insurmountable barrier between jilongshan, completely changed since the six dynasties north of nanjing city are linked by mountains and rivers and visual landscape, but also block the exhibition after connected with the Yangtze river, make the surface of the xuanwu narrowed.

three was built in zhong shan and xuanwu joints exit a, again at the taiping gate & other; Taiping dike & throughout; No.159 longpan road, (now become a), and the exhibition to zhong shan XiLu a across the lake to & other; In the lake & throughout; (now & other; In the lake & throughout; The ruins still save on a white horse park), to complete the rapid a piece of original zhong & ndash; Exhibition area is divided into two, changed the landscape pattern of this region since ten million.