Ancient have card: qin and han dynasties’ “to restrain” celebrities receive a cart

business card is one of the most simple way to introduce

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the eastern han dynasty had already been popular

card has become one of the most simple way of introduction. Business card is not a product of the modern society, however, is not what import, it exists in ancient China early.

qin and han dynasties’ & other; Film & throughout;

has reference function

as far back as two thousand years ago in the qin and han dynasties, & other; Business card & throughout; There is, then called & other; Film & throughout; . The name & other; Film & throughout; , probably because the pre-qin & other is in the government agencies; Throughout the film &; Kind of officials, specifically responsible for visiting guests, master report according to their situation decided to meet again, or if they met. Later, for the sake of brevity, had & other; Film & throughout; . & other; Film & throughout; There to write (or with) on the personal information, and inquire for the reason, directly delivered to the other party at home. Due to the paper before, so & other Film & throughout; Generally made from wood or bamboo piece, size business card is much larger than now. From & other; Throughout the film &; To & other; Film & throughout; , also it can be seen as the qin and han dynasty & other; Business card & throughout; At the same time has the function of the letter of introduction, with today’s business card. And at that time & other Business card & throughout; BiBeiWu hierarchical, not ordinary people.

however, there are people who do not follow the grade rules, for example. When he worked as a security in the local district chief (& other; Throughout TingChang &;) Regulation, once the magistrate’s dinner, gift money not one thousand can only sit in the lobby. Liu gave a & other; Film & throughout; Write, but also deliberately & other; Throughout thousands, money &; Three words, in fact, he did not take, & other; High-impedance TingChang, the easy to the collectors, core value is the setting for yue & lsquo; This money than & rsquo; And don’t hold the money. Throughout the &; (shiji (eight the high-impedance biographic sketches of “) instead of the aggressive behavior is a banquet of Julius, later also gave him his daughter to the lion.

don’t speak rules of liu bang, had the same people who do not play fair. Chaos at the end of the qin dynasty, liu bang uprising, a rate soldiers through northern henan, one named Li feed its Confucian scholars to card asks for. Liu bang one heard is Confucian scholars, look for excuses to make angel will return card, send Li eating its way. Li feed its great anger, said to the angel, & other; Go! After the speech repeatedly, my golds drinkers also, the Confucianism person also. Throughout the &; Volume (shiji, the ninety-seven LiSheng upright Liu Jia) frighten messenger shivering, hand card also fell on the ground. In the end, saw liu Li feed its natural.

celebrities of the eastern han dynasty Guo Tai

often receive a cart card

the dramatic story, caused by business card to the eastern han dynasty is very rare, because the business card of the eastern han dynasty, becoming increasingly prevalent, delivering business CARDS became popular culture each other. Like celebrities Guo Tai, often receive a cart business CARDS, and other Ty show, and the battle’s, often full of car. Throughout the &; (” were “volume sixty-eight note led the Guo Tai so”), as the name card is quite common. It is said that, even like the madman, infuriated at first also prepared a business card, with for a long time has not only cast out, that more than half of the writing on the card be ground off, & other; Then does not have the appropriate, as for deficit diffuse out. Throughout the &; (” were “volume eighty” biographies of beautiful “) under the proud life, infuriated, made an ironic thing.