Ancient literary works rarely write beautiful nose or symbol for the root and power

the ancient literature of beauty appearance description it may be said is an, but seldom wrote the nose of a beautiful woman. Although such as Xia Jing canal “wild barbary had said,” write beauty & other; Qiong precious jade nose straight up heaven & throughout; Words, can really belong to the minority. Ancient and modern books, such as “the art type” & other; People department & middot; Belle & throughout; , as quick as a kind of letter & other; People department & middot; Belle & throughout; And the child s essence & other; Women’s division & middot; Appearance & throughout; Classification etymology, & other; Women class & throughout; Dictionary of, the “classical poetry description & other; Character door & middot; Beauty class & throughout; , none of belle human nose. Nose is located in the center of the face is arguably, should not be ignored, but in the ancient literature, hands and feet are a lot of the beauty, and form a relatively fixed standard & ndash; & ndash; Hands, lotus, and is located in the face of the nose is rarely mentioned, in a state of relative lack, so to speak. This lack of state formation, probably can see from the following aspects:

one of, Chinese aesthetics attaches great importance to write god, not heavy realistic. Write god, draw a heart, reflect the essence of things. Activities within characters in literary works can be changes in the skin (e.g., his face was frightened to white), eyebrow eye (e.g., beaming, glare), mouth (e.g., she bitterly bite lower lip) reflected in, it is hard to see from the nose. May therefore makes the author paid little attention to write characters on the nose.

second, do not reflect fluctuations within characters, simply describes beauty of a woman’s appearance, nose is rarely mentioned. For example, cao to jing gu wang yan the tenth time: & other; Powder surface red lining, lips is purple. Small beautiful eyebrows cross month, cicada new temples to fold the cloud. Throughout the &; As another example, feng menglong cautionary tong said 24 back: & other; Temples in clouds, eyebrow crescent moon. Myosin snow, the face line sunglow. Sleeve in the jade asparagus tip, under the skirt lotus ZhaiZhai. She light up partial a rhyme, no painting since the spectacular. Throughout the &; This may be related to the color of the nose. Eyebrows, eyes, mouth, have their own also is different from the color of the face, while the color of the nose and be in harmony of the whole face. Color psychology shows that the higher the degree of differentiation with the color of the background, the easier the viewer’s attention, and is easy to be ignored. If the nose is coated with color becomes very assertive, often become a subject of teasing. For instance, the clown in Chinese opera on nose piece of white powder, west the circus clown is position a big red nose on the nose. In the article often have & other ironic character symbol; Red nose & throughout; , & other White-nose & throughout; .

third, man’s appearance description mentioned in the nose of significantly more than women, show that people pay more attention to men’s nose. For example, “the wild old men had said,” about to & other; Male mighty & throughout; The appearance of nose: there are three places & other; A tough knife-shaped eyebrows, a nose stands alone as jade chopstick & throughout; (12); & other; Flat zygomatic thin face, short light brow & nose throughout; (seventy-two); & other; Surface such as jujube, nose like practise medicine & throughout; (seventy-three), and a is to write a gentleman: & other; Note double acquisitive, nasal quasi hong leong throughout the four yue &; (38) back and writes to the beauty in appearance, mention only a nose: & other; V rhinoceros penetration, qiong precious jade nose straight up heaven & throughout; (the seventieth time). As another example, Lv Xiong “female fairy WaiShi”, & other; Male soldiers throughout the &; Described the appearance of nose: there are three places & other; H, thick edge rib on the nose, such as hanging quasi & throughout; (16); & other; Nose like a Persian slightly smaller, zygomatic such as Mongolia also high & throughout; (17) back; & other; Double holes on the nose lift, after two rounds of ear against & throughout; Back to (24), the female is not mentioned in the nose.

the author people describe its nose male roughly be divided into two categories: one is the prominent or certain men. Prominent and typical is the emperor. In China & other; High nose and incurred throughout the &; Say, think nose high male big expensive, & other; High nose male & throughout; Emperor gaozu refers to. And as anonymous in the sixth chapter of the alamo, mention a high-spirited young: & other; FengYi show great, such as coated mouth like pearls; If bone QingYing, ears hanging bead if nasal column. A sound lang lang, light trance table by day; Rui vast degree of the whole body, just like phoenix dance takaoka. Not long not short, is the goddess of mercy in front of the good fortune; Thin and fat, and it is Zhang Xian brought dragon seed. Throughout the &; 2 it is to have a special identity or men of virtue is very poor. & other; Men throughout & special identity; , such as the previously mentioned in “the wild old men had said” & other; Male mighty & throughout; , “female fairy WaiShi & other; Male soldiers throughout the &; ; And as some of men: that monk & other; Curly hair half paint, eyes slightly falling stars. Gold rings hanging ears, jade face every with you. Silkworm eyebrow lion nose strange phase, 18 arrow first & throughout; (the type who was 34 lu a queue back); & other; The firing, labial red tine is white, half beard chest cover. Upper and lower bounds of the pure gas floated to the special product, it was under Jin Xian penglai & throughout; (greed dream of the town.the dressing will be the twentieth time). & other; Virtue is very poor men & throughout; , such as “chan really escape Fang Ruhao history of 24 back to the villain: & other; Pale white pick pocket face, brown buckling. Chick a hook nose, eyebrow to kill. Mouth red eyes and a sweetness like candy. Hidden halberd aforetime, comments with yellow female. Yu fu in shape, make false from. Throughout the &; As some local ruffians image again: & other; Round and round a fat face, coils of yellow. Thick nasal generally such as swine, eyebrow eyes slightly close battle. Internal nothing, empty talk, deficient every word. I don’t know what is the general, ShiShi wandered around & throughout; (to cao jing gu wang yan back to 5).

is there will be people pay more attention to the phenomenon of male nose, may have the following two reasons: first, China since ancient times the face reading in nose on behalf of the male genitalia, women are in a state of lack, so people can watch, don’t too concerned about her nose when describing women. Second, China and the west have will nose linked to power. For example, foucault referred to in the “content with the word” : & other; The person’s nose is Jupiter, mace and mercury, the god of the epitome of the rod. Throughout the &;

no status and power, ancient Chinese women stayed at home most of the time, the social identity of a single, so people are less attention, describing their noses, and more from the aesthetic point of view about women in other parts of the body. & other; Nose & throughout; Also for & other words; Throughout the &; Words. Eastern han xu shen said wen jie zi “said: & other; Since the nose, also like nose. Throughout the &; & other; Throughout the &; The meanings of later gradually evolved as a first-person pronouns & other; I & throughout; , & other Throughout their &; The solution. We may eventually writer can be (mostly male), beautiful woman facial features in the nose, the lack of aesthetic understanding is: the ancient women’s lack of self, their social space be compressed very small, only have a beautiful body.