Ancient people make track for a star: li bai fan renamed Li Chi cao cao father resigned

don’t think that only modern people make track for a star, the ancients also make track for a star not only, and make track for a star to the extent of crazy people more than they are now.

history scholars, columnist Li Kaizhou, said father to & other; Make track for a star & throughout; , chasing his idol ran out of the office of the jurisdiction, the results have even lost his job; Su dongpo to hangzhou office, his fans have been chasing him to hangzhou from nanjing. Li bai’s fans worse, in order to idol, actually changed his own name & other; Li Chi & throughout; .

cao cao lost his father to make track for a star officer

Li Kaizhou said the eastern han dynasty last years, a man called zhao client, officer worship & other; Throughout the east China sea facies &; , that is, the chief executive of the countries of the east China sea. He took office via henan xingyang, xingyang county magistrate called Cao Song, is his fan. The fans heard their idols from the xingyang, ran out to meet, but late step, zhao client carriage has passed. Cao Song regret, give the job at hand to subordinates, zhao client galloped to pursue and when he catch, distance from xingyang already out of henan. Later, he returned to xingyang, had to quit my job, when people go to her home.

this story from the “were”, the story of Cao Song is the father of cao cao. Why he because & other; Make track for a star & throughout; Want to quit your job? Li Kaizhou said that in the han dynasty, the local officials to make track for a star, but not free to leave their own jurisdiction, or serious misconduct, you don’t resign, the court will be removed from his post. Cao Song jurisdiction is henan xingyang, he in order to chase client, zhao was out of the henan, so not to judge.

parading the permission cannot leave the jurisdiction, is one of the many dynasties of rules. The Three Kingdoms period, wei has a surname ji county magistrate, heard that his old boss is dead, and the city to attend, be picket baiguan zhong yao catch ancient nationalities, killed on the spot. , lv meng was a county magistrate named meng own mother died, he didn’t tell the court for leave and went back to the mother mourning, sun quan, learned that after the great anger, to cut down his head, thanks to the secretary, tracing the cause beside intercede, to escape death.

name of li bai’s fans & other; Li Chi & throughout;

after the three countries, almost every dynasty ban on local officials to leave the area. Su dongpo to hangzhou office via nanjing, xuzhou have personal call Chen Shidao, su dongpo’s fans, he had heard that idol to nanjing, just like his boss asks for leave, the boss is not approved, he changed to sick leave, the boss still not approved, he will steal go to nanjing to see su dongpo. See also followed after su dongpo to hangzhou, as a result, was fired after return.

Chen Shidao original words & other; More often throughout the &; Change, because the worship of su dongpo, words & other; No own throughout the &; Mean for the idol ecstasy, eyes only idol, not himself. Later, su dongpo was devolved to huanggang, hubei province itself on the eastern slope cultivated land, number is & other; Dongpo & throughout; , Chen Shidao followed the name and number is & other The hills & throughout; . Something similar in the book of the Chronicles of the taiping guang “recorded: as early as the tang dynasty, li bai who, he has a fan and changed his name & other; Li Chi & throughout; .

princess Catherine to make Chinese tea red

not only so, British people make track for a star contributed to the popularity of Chinese tea. Li Kaizhou said, kangxi acceded to the throne in that year, the Dutch princess Catherine married into the British. Princess Catherine heyday, elegant temperament. Her appearance at the wedding, when it comes to all, soon became a British upper-class icon. The princess Catherine had a habit, like drinking tea, she went to England, specifically to a number of fine tea service, high quality tea leaves, and make tea for her maid. Britons would not have a cup of tea, tea and tea soup is to be used as drug use, only when sick, will be under the guidance of a doctor a cup of, now see idol tea, followed to imitate, and learn to drink tea, less than a decade, the wind of tea is popular in the whole of the UK.

it was in the second half of the 17th century, the whole Europe and the world is not the tea planting, westerners use tea can only be imported from China. And China is in the qing dynasty rule, the qing regime in Taiwan with the Ming cross-strait confrontation, in order to cut off Taiwan trade, the qing government to strictly forbidden the sea: the coastal residents to move to the mainland, of all the crops, trees and houses in the coastal all destroyed, let Taiwan army cannot find here supplies, cut off their lifeline. In the decades of time, guangdong, guangxi, fujian, zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong, hebei and other provinces of linhai villages and towns, that is to be demolished because refuses to move and killed up to millions of residents, the size of the navigational ships were also destroyed, once booming of song, yuan, Ming dynasty three overseas trade almost completely stopped.

in this case the tea from China to the UK, nature is very expensive, so the price of tea in the UK are extraordinarily expensive. Wuyi mountain Li Kaizhou research, said Catherine love to drink black tea to sell to a small bag of 25 pounds. Sterling was very valuable, every pound convertibility 7.32 grams of pure gold, if calculated according to the gold price now, 25 pounds is more than 60000 yuan, the price for some noble and the emerging middle class can afford, ordinary people can’t afford to buy.

can’t afford it with green tea and tea leaves tea

to imitate idols for tea, and can’t afford to buy tea, so some people buy from noble family to drink the rest of the tea leaves, brewed in tea leaves, go up against the milk and sugar to neutralize the smell. At that time the British aristocracy home has a housekeeper, the housekeeper made a lot of extra money by selling tea leaves. Given tea leaves bubble out of dark brown is not bright, there are people in the house secretly scrape against the rust on the bronzes to the tea liquor, posing as green tea, imitation scenes in front of the guests. Rust on the bronze commonly known as & other; Verdigris & throughout; , it is toxic metals, often drink this fake tea is in danger of poisoning.

princess Catherine died, tea culture in the UK still continued, until the 18th century, the British colonists found tea tree and widely cultivated in India, cheap Indian tea, Europe and the United States, a large number of input with verdigris and tea leaves make tea habit to disappear.

and, Catherine’s idol role also has an effect to the American people. Take & other; Mayflower & throughout; “The first settlers arrived in North America and the people, they took the habit of drinking tea to North America. North America has no tea production, tea also imported from China, some settlers made a fortune by trafficking tea. By 1773, the British government issued regulations on the east India company relief, let the east India company monopoly tea sales in North America, banning north American colonists & other; Bootleg tea & throughout; . Broke the rules of those engaged in tea trafficking colonists experienced, outrage, under the tea business calls and planning, more than 60 colonists disguised as indians into the east India company ships, pour the ship hundreds of boxes of tea into the sea. The move is considered by the British government is treason, sent troops to suppress, the colonists took up the gun to resist, fired the first shot of the war of independence.