Ancient “writer” means “do household chores,” “jewelry” specifically to hat for man

recently, some commonly used words in the ancient history of heat transfer in the network, such as & other; Fashionable & throughout; , & other Jewellery & throughout; We familiar words, such as their original meaning is unexpected. Let us together to meet these terms & other True colors & throughout; .

& other; Fashionable & throughout; More than one thousand years ago in a

& other; Fashionable & throughout; The word, often used to describe beautiful girl. Many people think that it is with the fashion trends of contemporary society, in fact, completely wrong! & other; Fashionable & throughout; The word has been used in China for over one thousand years!

han shun emperor is the seventh emperor of the eastern han dynasty, Kent in the “were” has such a compliment: & other; At the beginning of filial piety, fashionable set. Throughout the &; Describe the early han shun emperor ascended the throne, collapsed, and elite come to attend the ceremony he reigned. Here & other; Fashionable & throughout; Is not a beautiful girl, but is closely related to the ancient hairstyle. & other; Temminick & throughout; Is cheeper hanging over the short hair of the forehead. Before a minor in childhood children don’t hairdo, drooping hair, so the general & other; Throughout early childhood &; . If forehead have short hair, the hair is called & other; Bang & throughout; . Bang is said to be one of tang dynasty fairchild, forehead is always flowing hair, very lovely, over time, people called the forehead hair & other; Bang & throughout; .

boy as an adult, usually no longer retain the bang of the forehead, but from the womb of a bunch of hair hasn’t been cut, also called & other; Temminick & throughout; . Later, people is the longest hair is called & other; Temminick & throughout; Junjie, further extended. Later extended again, become a novel is a fashion, this is & other; Fashionable & throughout; The history of the real.

& other; Jewellery & throughout; Originally refers to a man hat

& other; Jewellery & throughout; The term specifically to women wear ornaments today, but in ancient times, & other; Jewellery & throughout; On the contrary, the meaning of specifically to men by wearing hat. “Were & middot; and serving tzu” records: & other; Qin Xiong warlord, is the jewelry and its military commanders to crimson 袙, to equal. Throughout the &; Among them, & other; 袙 (pà) Throughout the &; Is the ancient people wear scarves. Hat of the qing dynasty, to blow on increased the red scarf, used to distinguish between equal. Ancient man in twenty years away champions league, to put on his hat, visible before qin dynasty, had called hat & other people; Jewellery & throughout; . The zhou dynasty, woman head crown clothing call & other; The first service & throughout; Or & other Throughout the first v &; , head ornaments also called & other; CuiQiao & throughout; . Cui is kingfisher, become warped is the feathers on the bird’s tail. Wei yingwu himself “changan road” : & other; Beauty yee cabinet feeling go waving, head spend their honeymoons.//women of double CuiQiao. Throughout the &;

about from the beginning of the western han dynasty, & other; Jewellery & throughout; The word began to common in men and women, men’s and women’s head ornaments worn by all called & other; Jewellery & throughout; . “Han & middot; biography of follwed: & other; Son of the hundred years old, the mother of a child, at the same time, cut, hanging head rod Miao, bead in the ear, jewelry. Throughout the &; ‘s famous “goddess” in also wrote that & other; Dai Jincui jewelry, body compose the pearl to yao. Throughout the &; In the tang dynasty, & other; Jewellery & throughout; The word began to specifically to women’s head ornaments.

so, like to see through the novel, through television, even dream of one day can play across the girls pay attention to, if back to before the tang dynasty, someone mentioned & other; Jewellery & throughout; Don’t get excited, is to find out first for male or female. Through to the western han dynasty, before the decisive remember, & other; Jewellery & throughout; Not the girls ring necklace, but the man’s hat!

& other; The writer & throughout; Means managing housework

now a lot of girls can’t cook, a wish to find a can cook’s husband, is when a fingers xian’s literary youth, it’s ok to drink tea, write some essays on the Internet. Alas, the girls ah, don’t be so quick when & other The writer & throughout; , want to know, the writer is to do the housework.

in ancient times, its literal meaning: that is also; Author, namely, manage a household, home management, management of household chores. & other; The writer & throughout; The term originated in PeiSongZhi note when lead for the “center eastern jin xi tooth-digging” xiangyang “. Yang Yong as zhuge liang’s main book, head of all kinds of documents, but zhuge liang is hands-on, always personally check book book. Yang Yong admonition so way: & other; For functioning, and shall not abuse, please as Ming male writer Pi. Throughout the &; Here & other; The writer & throughout; The word is a verb, is refers to the management of the housework.

& other; The writer & throughout; As today’s meaning, began in the tang dynasty, but also a very interesting story. According to the quoted taiping guang ji tang Lu Yan by “have different versions” load: & other; Tang prime minister king of good and be applied forms, have to embellish hair, wrongful detention right cheng wang wei door, d yue: & lsquo; The great writer is over there. & rsquo; Throughout the &; Wang wei satire is the king of & other; Throughout the great writer &; The & other; The writer & throughout; Is a special writing inscriptions and epitaph! Visible, at least in the eyes of wang wei, specially for applied forms & other; Throughout the great writer &; Worth mentioning.

today, & other; The writer & throughout; Already retreated wang wei of irony, become a commonly used term, its & other; Do the housework & throughout; Almost no one mentioned the meaning also.