And Eileen chang’s “traitors” literati said: outlook bleak but beg early death

the language is the dress of the experience, how rich language, how rich experience. People often think oneself is in the book of genesis. Little imagine, any language to describe the state of all expressed has been inspected by our predecessors. Already in the sky is full of flying trajectory, there is little experience in the blank. If in the face of time, people with their, so in the face of experience, people can lead to fellow comrade. Zhang ailing, said all women. In the face of the world, all and any claims not peer? To live is to their profession.

for the thirties last century & other A traitor literati & throughout; Qing su, her life experience of frustrations, lonely and sad, naturally life portraiture, also to the experience of the unfortunate woman repeated in one thousand. Young qing su is due to the autobiographical novel of the era of ten years of marriage made & ndash; & ndash; Perhaps she is just a beauty writer, prostitutes prototype & ndash; & ndash; But in a person life can jump much higher on the conveyor belt, jump, how far can decide, after all, not their own energy and destiny to chance factors, and under the waves of fate of self control and the situation of wakefulness, and reach a compromise with the world. Like most women, qing su apparently blind struggle and struggle. She first half of the anxiety is thought to look for a & other Knowledge property are not under the woman can be better and better & throughout; Her husband, but always failed. The decade long marriage contradictions, and ultimately lose she forced marriage, and big traitors Zhou Fohai met ch ‘en kung-po, published an article in the journal of ancient and modern & ndash; & ndash; Its founder is the ministry undersecretary of wang puppet government Zhu Piao. Even once, please qing su ch ‘en kung-po to be his personal secretary, or arrange for the commissioner, she will also fall & other; A traitor literati & throughout; The reputation.

some say, qing su xing by smelly perhaps consider woman alone in the big Shanghai muddle along is not easy, need someone to asylum, completely by instinct, after all, to support her three female and female all five & ndash; & ndash; She a small literati and politically can what’s vision? But the history of public writing don’t think so.

qing su said: in the article “about me” & other; I was in Shanghai during the fall has sold, but that’s my last ear & hellip; & hellip; I think my problem is not write for a don’t write for a, but whether the article proceeds from the sale is endangering state. As rice merchants are selling rice, rickshaw puller also pull any guests usually, if the country doesn’t deny the rights of the people still alive in the occupied areas, I was so alive. Throughout the &;

in fact, when the qing su is unrest in the country in the political cracks in existence, also is only big times a mercury, a cluster of bubbles. She said: & other; My admiration for the general to national, state, revolution, culture or art and writing. In recent years, I often is for life and writing. Throughout the &; And say, & other; I contribute purely for the purpose of need money! Throughout the &; & other; And I can write articles or housewife so a about social life and consciousness of the war of resistance against Japan also took part in. Throughout the &;

qing su work ten years of marriage and “huan jin set” how high value, is still in doubt. Although zhang ailing, said & other; Bing xin, structure.baiwei them to compare with me, I really can’t be proud, only compared with qing su I am willing. Throughout the &; And say, & other; Qing su body have a bosom friend afar brings a distant land near a large warm & throughout; , but to be honest, qing su for text is one kind of popular Buddhism, provocative bold ignoranting attitude, and full of the smell of dusty & ndash; & ndash; A woman, to the extent that dare to say anything, for whatever reason, will become a real is the real women than women. Although not dirty, but also not absolutely. Just wrap life experiences to the language, or language without artistic processing & also the other; To be honest & throughout; Just.

she said, for example, & other; Women can’t directly to the men, this is a disadvantage: the girl’s biggest ever woman must cost more than try to seduce a man, if this kind of calculating on other saving plans, can be a promotion; In other calculation, can get rich; To use on the other detectives, agents can do; To use on the other design, can into art experts. It is these calculating were wasted, because clever man escape, and stupid men do not understand. Smart women are smarter is to be feared. Throughout the &;

no wonder jin-hua dai think, & other; Qing su just under the repression of a male behavior, to survive in a dead woman, what a desperate from the nue self-destruction of sexual behavior. Throughout the &;

yuanyang hudie in Chinese cultural history never is just a piece of joke, the fate of qing su was palpable. After the founding of new China, literature advocate creation service for workers, peasants and soldiers, like qing su a writer because the blue, the family is not on the surface. Zhang ailing gone overseas, qing su particularly lonely, life gone from bad to worse. After the end of 1949, qing su to apply for a job. 1951 years later, she works in a YueJuTuan do writers. Her adaptation period in sima qian, wrote a letter to the fudan university professor Jia Zhifang for advice. Only in 1955, hu feng’s case, Jia Zhifang beaten the confliction molecules were convicted, qing su also be hu feng’s molecules, bridge that promote goal prison in Shanghai. Then the & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; , qing su by property, by struggle against, outlook bleak. She later in life often because housing narrow contradiction with your neighbors, being bullied. In 1975, she retired salary is only 43.19 yuan. & other; All day in bed, can’t eat anything, to please the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, visits to come every time is a yuan, cannot submit an expense account, my illness is very bitter, but early death, dead what people don’t notice. Throughout the &; This is a letter to her friend.

people have already forgotten this was very popular in Shanghai, with zhang ailing called & other; Double wall & throughout; , & other Sue zhang & throughout; , & other An island science & throughout; The women.