“Andie” secret: modern society the FIG leaf of complex relationship?

guo said that Mr. Wang is his andie, and attract netizens yelling. This suggests that & other; Andie & throughout; This word is really wonderful, cause human infinite reverie. At first glance thought is & other; Don’t wet dad & throughout; , but underneath it, but it has a very rich spiritual and cultural connotation.

dictionary, & other; Dry & throughout; , which has no blood relationship and marriage and form a relation. This explanation, but in & other; Andie & throughout; Case as an example, the mo has clear the key point is, why do you want to know older man without kinship and marriage as a dad? The motivation, mysterious yo. But & other; Dry & throughout; Word of another explain a little is revealed, the present for andie, is very capable, money power is indispensable.

and corresponding andie is dry daughter more, it is to make people interested. In many popular in ancient story, who is to make use of dry daughter, such as the emperors and foreign marriage, is looking for a maid of honor, said, you do my daughter, and then sent to the dry daughter didn’t Gao Tieke amounted to remote areas. Yun3 of eastern han dynasty in order to realize the dream in my heart, and let the legendary beauty sable cicada made their big dry daughter, then use dry daughter, added a paragraph about for Chinese culture & other; The honey & throughout; The legend. The sable cicada was just the wangs song ji, want to say one word here, think more of me, is that the legendary four beauties in fact not very beautiful, population base on that, and it also does not have the mass media, no more no best?

however, today’s daughters are just a beauty. Guo is a right, Cecilia cheung is a right, that a film predators, just give yourself dry daughter to marry, that is a model level dry daughter, don’t know luo yufeng want to worship a andie play, will someone response.

a rich power, but the youth is gone, one is a young and beautiful, but need is the money power, the two complement each other, is a perfect fit. Although have already folk worship the nominal kinship, s, but in today’s economy by nominal kinship relationship, mutual take required, prosperity and development, in some cases, already distorted when it & other; Nominal kinship & throughout; Pure intention, has become now everybody knows another complex relationship of the FIG leaf.