Ang lee won six years “a” family cook all by his wife, Jane Lin support

ang lee’s wife Jane Lin The good wife is a little cool


Jane Lin, Taiwanese, who graduated from the Taipei first girls high school, chemistry, national Taiwan university, the university of Illinois microbiology, Ph.D., the current research at New York medical school professor, is a famous Chinese director ang lee’s wife. Ang lee had been unemployed for six years before becoming famous, by Jane Lin, but she adamantly opposed to ang lee to make a living way, encouraged him to insist on movie dream.

director ang lee in microseconds after the 85th oscars, second the award for best director. Widely in the Internet with the title, and ang lee’s possessions for 6 years & other; Family husband & throughout; And on his wife’s help all the story. Jane Lin so also became people admired & other; A good wife & throughout; .

in fact, Jane Lin he didn’t like the title. As a science degree of girl, her personality is more like a hit TV drama in the big bang theory Sheldon’s girlfriend, Amy thought and speech are cool. For lee shouted at the awards ceremony & other I love you & throughout; , Jane Lin’s response was & other; Ang lee’s move disgusting & lsquo; Boring & rsquo; Throughout the &; ; When others think as ang lee’s wife, must be illuminated by huge happiness aura, she is still else just do yourself, & other; Ang lee was not a director, I am who I am; When the director ang lee, I’m Jane Lin. Throughout the &; So, she was able to calmly ordered ang lee: & other; No matter how much you held an Oscar statuette, you or that ang lee; The home is not set, you do have to do housework. Throughout the &; This is the school of science living spilt a pot of cold water to a romantic movie, seemingly relentless, but thoroughly relaxed and be aware of the life.

she & ndash; & ndash; Cool

& other; Ang lee won golden bear good news, Jane Lin was awakened by phone also very uncomfortable. Throughout the &;

& other; Cool & throughout; Is Mrs Lee describe Jane Lin word. In “the ten years one movie dream,” recalls with “wedding banquet” won golden bear for the first time, thinking about wife support her for so many years, now movie awards to hurriedly call Mrs. Annunciation, then dial the phone home. At that time is the time for more than 5 o ‘clock in the morning, the wife be phone wake is very uncomfortable, & other; I said: & lsquo; We take the golden bear & rsquo; , she said: & lsquo; Oh & rsquo; , I said, and took it, with the mainland movie she ask: & lsquo; No other countries to join us? & rsquo; I said: & lsquo; Yes, there are & rsquo; She will hang up. She is so cool, over the years, these external things seems to be no effect on her. Throughout the &;

Mrs Lee said is Aquarius, & other; Aquarius woman is a freak, dislike for authority, can’t stand it. Throughout the &;

after lee fame, has a wife and to New York flushing Chinese district to buy food. After you buy, lee put food get in the car, Jane Lin buy watermelon to the side of the road across the parking lot. A Taiwan wife said to her, & other; You are lucky, you now have time for you to buy food! Throughout the &; Result is Jane Lin answered: & other; You have to make wrong ah, today is my special time with him to buy some food. Throughout the &; In the face of such & other; Strong & throughout; Wife, lee was very & other; Useful & throughout; , & other; She seldom accompany me to buy some food before, now, too. But she has her housekeeper, sons jump, I jump, too. Throughout the &; And is now the international big director ang lee, Jane Lin still does not forget & other; Knock & throughout; Ang lee’s senses: & other; No matter how much you held an Oscar statuette, you or that ang lee; The home is not set, you do have to do housework. Throughout the &;

the Oscar awards ceremony, lee shouted at his wife when award & other I love you & throughout; . Although happy, but after the ceremony, and the media talk about two people the 30th anniversary of marriage, Jane Lin smiled said: & other; His mental derangement, we all don’t remember, don’t know what he thinks. Throughout the &; As for how to celebrate after the award, Jane Lin said: & other; What’s the celebration? Before winning there is nothing to celebrate, we do not make this set. Throughout the &;

she & ndash; & ndash; Don’t stick to

& other; Two people don’t have time to a wedding, a mess, but she wasn’t a complaint. Throughout the &;

Jane Lin has attended north of zhongshan, a middle school, national Taiwan university, is the university of Illinois, microbiology, Ph.D., the current research at New York medical school professor. In ang lee’s point of view, the wife is the most outstanding of children.

ang lee and his wife Jane Lin is at the university of Illinois alumni, ang lee was read theatre director major at the university of Illinois, is two people to the world the youth baseball championship glory for Taiwan volunteer team know when the cheerleaders cheer. About two people get to know each other, there are different versions on the Internet, however, ang lee’s “the ten years one movie dream,” he is memories of two people get to know each other & other In March 1978, I report to the yi big champagne city, and soon a group of students drive to Gary city near Chicago, go to the youth baseball championship. When RON volunteer team wins, we sit together at the car next, and understanding. Throughout the &;

on August 19, 1983, ang lee to marry Jane Lin met in the fifth anniversary, in New York City notary, many in the “wedding banquet” the scene is the counterpart of the two people get married live. Ang lee kua HuiJia is a don’t love stick to his two weeks before the wedding was busy with the graduation as a “line” screen, two people had no time to wedding, so the wedding was a mess. Not a complaint for these, Jane Lin, and let her dissatisfaction is another episode in the wedding.

originally, at the wedding, father in law and her two elder sister, ang lee recalls, & other; Her second sister home from SAN jose, picked two huge fresh roses in the garden, also tied to a pine and pins, so that we the couple as a corsage. Thought this sister a look so big flower, nu said: & lsquo; Should I wear a tree & rsquo; , a cow on the spot is not willing to wear, or bridesmaid Roman fe clever, just a mess, she ran to the flower shop downstairs to look for a string of delicate floret, to quell the anger of the bride. Throughout the &;

she & ndash; & ndash; For the family

& other; New York university master degree after graduation ang lee won at home when the 6 years & lsquo; Family husband & rsquo; , cooking, take them & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

director ang lee’s success is not problem-free, at New York university, a master’s degree after graduation he had for 6 years in the home & other Family husband & throughout; . If without the support of Mrs Jane Lin, also not now ang lee, thank you, Mrs. Lee also said in a humorous way, this is also the audience’s luck, otherwise everyone can’t see the ang lee of now.

lee in the ten years one movie dream, “says, when he graduated in 1985, one of the three major brokerage firm in the William & middot; Morris’s agent to contract with him, said he had great development in the United States. & other; Mrs Jane Lin was a Ph.D in Illinois, still with the cat (the eldest son lihan) o in less than one year of age, degree and half a year will get, I want to, child still small, didn’t get Mrs. Degree, or to stay with them for a while in the United States also try their luck. Throughout the &;

in January 1986, Jane Lin to find a job after graduation, I moved to New York from Illinois suburbs. After a long time, the wife work for the family, lee retired home. Lee recalled that first half a year, she was really upset, don’t want to live, but later she also would like to open, home to just get by. See ang lee depressed sometimes, Jane Lin home, will offer the family out for a meal. Lee said: & other; At that time we the most extravagant is to eat KFC, eldest brother, the cat said: & lsquo; Let’s go eat claus Fried chicken & rsquo; . Throughout the &; At that time, lee is responsible for cooking at home, take them, share housework, HuiJia also don’t interfere with him. & other; Our economy is not bounteous, so I don’t want to go to town. I stay at home every day is very boring, reading the newspaper when you have time to practice English, no progress. I this man is a piece of re-building energised and no piece of re-building malaise, so shoot HuiJia said I don’t like a dead man. If see me sitting there from morning till night, she would ask, what on earth are you doing? Silly to find a thing to do, not necessarily to make money. Throughout the &;

so, lee consumes 6 years, numerous heartbreak, has been a dream.

in ang lee’s got the first prize, he immediately gave the prize to happily wife, let her go to improve life, buy some of your favorite clothes and shoes. Didn’t think wife has lent the money to lee’s brother. When ang lee’s brother szaflarski lost money in business, is need a lot of money cross the difficulties, sister-in-law decision seemed nice surprise, after many years let szaflarski still grateful.

she & ndash; & ndash; Independent

& other; She himself open almost out of gas in the middle of the night went to the hospital to have children, don’t let the doctor inform her husband and relatives and friends. Throughout the &;

lee said he and his wife is a typical complementary character. & other; Euphemism is soft and absent-minded, I don’t know to take care of yourself and others, Mrs. Temperament upright and outspoken focus, independent, smart, and she learned the microorganisms in the delicate nature of the scientific, rational and very like. Throughout the &;

two people after marriage, lee clips graduation production in New York, Jane Lin, to continue to study in Illinois. In May 1984, lee waiting for graduation for print out, so, the eldest son, the cat was born, Mrs Lee is not around, he was in New York.

& other; I also unknowingly play baseball in the park in New York, throw a frisbee, until the evening to go home, just know Mrs. Have production. The second day quickly fly to see his wife and children of Illinois, when I silly rushed into the hospital, everyone happy to see me. So HuiJia finished in the middle of the night before driving home after the experiment, feel the amniotic fluid fast break, is oneself to have no petrol car drove fast to the hospital. The doctor asked her to don’t notice her husband, she said: & lsquo; Don’t & rsquo; ; Ask do you want to notify friends, she also said: & lsquo; Don’t & rsquo; . This paper attempts the hospital thought she was. Her personality is very independent, what you can do yourself don’t bother people. We’ve agreed, the baby’s head begins to turn shift down, about a week before yes, I go back to Illinois to take care of her. As a result, she didn’t tell me. Later, the second stone was born preterm birth, I was particularly at nearby, she still has to catch me, & lsquo; Pestle doing here, you can’t help, you can’t! & rsquo; The child was born, I went to pull her hand, she pushed me away, let me feel nothing. Throughout the &;

for raising two children grow up, Jane Lin, said he did not believe this is in help lee took the child, & other; I am to take children to help themselves. I am an independent life, have their own soul. Throughout the &;

which is independent, but also embodied in Jane Lin pursuit of self, she said evaluate yourself, & other; I compare lazy, but shame & throughout; . She is too lazy to spend money, don’t go dispute of trifles in life, too lazy to take care of fleeting fame, but she only is her business not lazy. Over the years, she has been immersed in the laboratory, the research of biology experiment.

in a communication with the students, said Jane Lin, & other; Life down is to learn, I learn something new every day life is meaningful. Hope that the students should have ideal and persistent pursuit, know what they want and give yourself a clear positioning, target forward and combined with the contemporary social development efforts to pay, don’t give up. Throughout the &;