Angelopoulos: if can choose their own death is willing to die in the film

I am here, in the way of the journey. I most of the wasted years, between the years of war frenzy & ndash; & ndash; Still trying to learn how to use language. Every attempt is a new beginning, is also a nature different failure. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Theo & middot; Angelopoulos Greek poet director: theo & middot; Angelopoulos

in 1995, Taipei golden horse film festival held a angelopoulos film retrospective, theo & middot; Angelopoulos (Theo Angelopoulos) and Taiwan poet, director hong leong did an interview. Talk last hong hong asked: do you like life as a director? The Greek director so answer: & other; A poem says, god gives people their own death, each has its inevitability, death has its rhythm, have the feeling. If I can choose their own death, I am willing to die in the process of filming. Throughout the &;

no one would expect, the fiery confessions by film will be a language into to become a more full of fatalism. On January 25, 2012, during the Chinese lunar New Year, people immersed in a lively atmosphere of reunion, perhaps also casually open about & other; Last time & throughout; The joke. Early in the morning, far to the Balkans is angelopoulos’s accidental death. Local time on Tuesday (24 January), near the Piraeus port city of Athens, angelopoulos knocked down by a police motorcycle work, leading to massive hemorrhage, brain to hospital a few hours after the announcement does not put to death. As the accident took place not far away, is he is filming a movie, another piece of ocean, shot. That time, he was rushed to the journey of filmmaking & hellip; & hellip;

this is the day, no doubt, become the contemporary cinema & other; A total solar eclipse & throughout; Day, this kind of dramatic, slightly absurd irony way to leave, even for the world is looking forward to finishing angelopoulos & other Throughout Greece trilogy &; Fans, obviously it is difficult to accept.

the unfortunate happen the next day, as a national emergency rescue center work staff revealed that such a message to a private television station, said on their way to the scene after the accident emergency brake out of the question, was forced to change on the spot, thus causing the delay to send the patient to hospital in time; But then Greek health officials argue in a notice, then angelopoulos according to their own intend to find a private ambulance to hospital, rescue center ambulance just to the scene to provide first aid. The questioning of the odd and pale interpretation and died for the master’s covered with a layer of fog.

27 January afternoon, the skies of Athens, Greece human angelopoulos held a state funeral. Thousands of people spontaneously came to see the great director off, most of them are revered his fans, and important people from the literary and political. The state-owned television networks offered to live, funeral in “forever and a day” actress Helene Gé Rassimidou delivered a speech at the scene: & other; He is a poet & time and history throughout; . In traditional Greek orthodox ceremony, buried angelopoulos, ever really & other; One day is eternal & throughout; With the time.

& other; I am the children of war throughout the &;

life and more than 40 years in 76 angelopoulos film career, removal of early one unfinished feature and finally took half of the last created 13 drama feature film and two documentaries. Flowing of long, charming scene scheduling, in northern Greece darkness of winter, thick fog landscape that must not turn, always the protagonist in a journey, quiet as water stop time and space of the superposition of poetry, heavy Greek history and the depth of self-imposed exile, even a blank film, a rose from the sea huge sculpture by the hand, and boom the train forward, which can be read Ann film keywords.

however, the growing experience of understanding the director is always unlock the mysteries of his films is the most effective key. As angelopoulos himself put it, & other; One may not be not affected by the growth environment and culture, especially during the period of growth. Throughout the &; By the ancient Greek philosophy, mythology, and poetry and literature influence of angelopoulos, always put his film aesthetics roots buried in this piece of bare his vast land. He worried, pain, thought and longing comes from building & other; Another throughout Greece &; The utopian vision.

theo & middot; Angelopoulos on April 27, 1935, was born in a middle-class family in Athens, Greece. Law-abiding members of father is a businessman, my mother is a housewife, due diligence wanted to take good care of their brothers and sisters. Angelopoulos childhood, family hasn’t been much literary enlightenment. As well as the fate of the generation of the greeks, the turbulence of the war years became his childhood’s, those fragmented memories about suffering, also become ubiquitous phantom of the opera in films in the future.

angelopoulos was born in the second year, general meida sass coup, establish a dictatorship. Angelopoulos ever claimed to be & other; The children of war, the memory is the first sound the alarm of war, and the first picture is the Nazi army invaded the scenario of Athens & throughout; . In 1940, the pawn of deep within the territory of Greece; In 1941, the germans began to Greece’s crazy. It later became the plug harp island tour opening act (1984) : directing traffic at the edge of the hadrian arch young German soldiers, was a passing child touched his shoulder, the child immediately ran into crisscrossed the depths of the narrow road, soldiers behind chasing & hellip; & hellip; & other; In some ways, we always get into the memory of the remaining, trying to dig and review our experience of certain moments. My work is my childhood and youth is a fragment of life, and I was emotional and dream. I believe that the only source of all our actions are all here. Throughout the &;

the Greek civil war broke out in 1944, many families apart by partisanship, angelopoulos a can fall prey. Known as & other; Red throughout December &; One day, a far-left militant group & other; Liberation of the Greek army & throughout; Arrested on trumped-up charges angelopoulos’s father, and whistleblowers is his father’s cousin. Angelopoulos in later many works on the family tragedy caused by the political struggle in the reflection: “hunter” (1977), nice and as entrepreneurs, militants in Iraq and his interview with brother watches because of the different classes; “Cries the prairie” twin brother because of belonging to different forces, fighting with each other in the same trench. “Street artists” in the theater and the plug harp island tour “of the villagers also split for similar reasons.