Anhui 80 “escape” back to the big cities after rural book income too

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popular network novel “super soldier king” the author step photo sails

& have spent & other; A year ago you resign from large cities to the countryside, at that time, have you ever thought will by writing novels about where? Throughout the &; When asked this question, pen name & other; Step & sails throughout; The guy Ye Fang after 80, is the anhui xuancheng rural hometown idyllic quiet life. Ye Fang, said on leaving the city had hoped that a better future, but now really didn’t think only by doing the thing that oneself like, can & other; Earning thousands & throughout; .

phenomenon: guy leave the city to the countryside, accident by writing a book change life

about Ye Fang, many people may not be familiar with, but if his pen name & other; Step & sails throughout; , on the network novels focus on Internet users will be thrilled.

the kid who was born in 1984, in 2005 graduated from anhui economic management institute of accounting professional, after graduation once successively in and various factories in Shanghai, dongguan, etc, as a warehouse supervisor, PMC, etc. And most of the drift in & other; 3 & throughout; Young people, Ye Fang in those days was also attracted by the bustling city, nine to six full every day in the rush of the crowd for life. But the reality is cruel, several years past, and there is not much improvement in the lives of Ye Fang, and the development of the career, the distance of the dream, is still far away. So in a rude awakening in the morning, Ye Fang began to rethink his life.

as a result, to think Ye Fang began his novel creation. In fact, since the childhood, Ye Fang are very fond of reading, his reading range is very wide, whether it is a biography, or astronomical history, is love, love novels in particular. Long-term accumulation of reading, so that he unconsciously already have a certain skill, the skill to his enthusing about network novel creation,.

however Ye Fang job creation in 2010, several novel, after uploaded, achievement is not very ideal, which made him very depressed, but did not give up. Turn finally appeared, in 2011, Ye Fang after after investigation, the comprehensive comparison, finally choose to 17 k is known for it’s talent novel nets, here, he and other Step & sails throughout; Pen name creation of urban guild wars novel super soldier king once published, get the many, was edited quickly take a fancy to sign up.

after signing, & other; Step & sails throughout; “Super soldier king” logical to get the website & other; Homepage sealing push & throughout; Wait for a variety of recommended, at that time, flowers, VIP, PK vote to prevent a flood, a novel hits quickly break through 20 million, successful scoring & other; Baidu today novel list & throughout; Plunged. The VIP charge after reading chapter introduced also had the net friend of subscriptions, makes this novel once on total station VIP novel subscription list first throne, meanwhile Ye Fang their monthly income also more relaxed, live in those who struggle in & other; 3 & throughout; Friends are the envy of small live.

investigation: high cost of city life, stick to or escape from a problem

according to the survey, in recent years as prices, house prices continue to rise, not only the high cost of living in big cities, and rising, this caused some from other places to & other; 3 & throughout; Migrant workers in big cities such as survival pressure is more and more big, so many people start to second – and third-tier cities and rural development.

but for after 80, after 90 young people, sustained growth in the face of the big city survival pressure, whether to choose to hold or to flee, this is not an easy question, but to each person their own unique personality, education, emotional intelligence, compressive ability, engaged in professional, interpersonal relationship, family background, etc. If different character and conditions, suitable for everyone’s best choice is often different.

voice: network writer is emerging profession, can choose site is key to success

it is understood that the network writer is emerging in recent years popular profession, in & other; 2011 baidu search prominent & middot; Ten dreams throughout new professional &; Is the second. Interpreted as baidu encyclopedia of Internet writers, and other Through the network platform to complete the literature creation and publication, and won a certain reputation and influence in the field of literary creation. Throughout the &;

the professional planners analysis thinks, network writer but not emerging profession, and is a sunrise industry, along with the digital reading more and more popular, the prospect of the future network writers will also be getting better and better. In the famous Internet writers, such as earning a step thousand sails is normal. But also have to admit that & ndash; & ndash; Not every network novel can earn a lot of money. Factors influencing the success of besides writers literary talent, choose what kind of website is also key.