Anhui sun antique Beijing residents net farmers drove thousands of miles to rob

see others think after drying on the antique photo is very valuable, li jie should drive as far afield as Beijing, the yuexi county robbery. On June 21, li jie, yuexi county people’s court of first instance to the defendant committed robbery two months sentenced to six years, $ten thousand fine.

the defendant li jie Beijing fangshan district LiangXiang Town farmers, see online yuexi county residents collection of bronze ding cheng, such as antique photos, after struggling to get rich the pathless li jie, the evil intention. On December 21, the morning last year, li jie driving along the highway from Beijing to YueXi, on the way to buy the folding knife, used for crime tools such as camouflage cloth cover plate. The next morning to the store after cheng, knife threatened and bundled cheng, then take the store the bronze tripod, guan Yin antiques, etc. Li jie, fled to Beijing after will be robbed by bronze and other antiques in the price of 1000 yuan in the cultural relics market to sell to others and then arrested by public security organs. Given that li jie knife escaping crime, bad circumstances, the court sentenced to a heavier. After sentencing, li jie pleaded guilty.