Animal specimens made hundreds of millions of sky-high Bloody art under the dispute (FIG.)

“the soul of the ladder 1.2 million pounds

although in recent years, damien & middot; Mr Hirst’s work experience in the art market continues to shrink, but he is not allowed in field to create performance for our neglect.

his works look like a human nightmare & ndash; & ndash; Open shark, flying pigs, but he in London in 2008 sotheby’s private auction record its clinch a deal the price level in 111 million. For a single artist kong auction, ten times 111 million pounds in 1993 special personal record by Picasso. Hurst new eternal beauty in my mind is doing well in this auction.

in 2003, Mr Hirst called & other; Charity & throughout; Sculpture sold for 1 million pounds, and the price, this is the work of living artists in the history of the single sell such a high price for the first time.

in the same year, British star David Beckham to spend 250000 pounds, which bought the hurst, a painting, the fourth anniversary as a wedding gift to his wife Victoria. This is bright pink heart-shaped painting impression, nail a few butterflies in again as an ornament. In November 2004, Mr Hirst restaurant & other; The pharmacy & throughout; Collapse, he for restaurant furniture and other adornment design is all packed auction, sotheby’s in London easily the high price of 11 million pounds.

bubble sharks in formaldehyde is damien & middot; Hurst's signature work

bubble sharks in formaldehyde is damien & middot; Hirst’s iconic work

hurst shark works “in the thoughts of the living in the physical impossibility of death”, had sold 6.5 million pound price us hedge fund manager Steve & middot; Cohen. The deal makes hurst became the American artist jasper & middot; Johns, works at the highest living artists in the world.

dove wings headdress & have spent

the dove wings tire

British artist will animal specimens made of fashion accessories

a British artist design let people realize what is again & other; Creative & throughout; , she in a variety of animal corpses as raw materials, made from a variety of exquisite fashion accessories.

reed from London & middot; Palin, starting from the college obsessed strip animal specimens, she is keen to rodents and birds and other animals made into necklace, tie, hair clips and personal accessories such as purse. Palin, is probably the only one on the side of the road to see dead animals people who do not feel sick but excited, in her eyes, the animal carcasses are beautiful things, just do some processing can coruscate gives the charm of art. Palin pardew is, of course, not an animal cruelty, these become the art the bodies of most of them are under the wheels of the dead or farm kill vermin. In spite of this, the targeting top complete, dead limbs with wear on the head, or hung on the neck still feels very strange, and even the creeps.