Approached real Mozart: his music not rude and vulgar

Mozart is one of the few generalist in musical history. No longer write opera Beethoven, Chopin are not good at using the band & hellip; & hellip; Many big European musicians wrote operas, but Mozart can very good use of all kinds of music genre, and style. Mozart knows his composition can be very high, but Mozart in his creation the most glorious period, also have no thought of his concert made him immortal that lasts.

according to the statistics, the research works of Mozart and various types of Mozart biography, so far has more than 12000 units, the number is growing every year. Hill, a famous contemporary German winters haim (Wolfgang Hildesheimer) of “Mozart theory” (the original title “Mozart”) is a biography of the current spread of Mozart’s comments, is the study of thousands of comments, reviews of Mozart’s work. As a result, this book is written with Mozart’s life and creation of music, read, of course, is to want to know about Mozart’s life and creation of fans to read. Research writing and writing Mozart biography of Mozart though tens of thousands of books, but the real is accepted the most level of musicians and a connoisseur, wisest of Mozart research works, but only a few hill tesla’s this “Mozart theory” is one of them.

the author & other; Very honored throughout Mozart &; , but strongly opposed to beautify the Mozart, he want to as much as possible according to the raw data reduction a true image of Mozart. Real image including Mozart’s life, Mozart self-knowledge, talent, personality, resistance and submission, loneliness and independence, his earthly side, when he wrote spectral composition of in an orderly way and the clutter in your daily life, his & other; Perfect & throughout; And his lack of, his works and his state of mind and material situation is not unified, his works and his life’s inconsistent & hellip; & hellip; In conclusion, the author will use material to deny a myth, purification, idealistic, beautified the Mozart image, try our best to restore the true colors of Mozart & ndash; & ndash; A person of flesh and blood, namely human common image. Mozart is worthy of great understanding rare music genius, but he is always acting the mortals, he also is a mortal in daily life.

the author try to refute Mozart’s sister said, Mozart’s life was like a child that do not conform to the actual. Because this is what Mozart’s sister said, for future generations as a conclusion of Mozart. The author points out that Mozart’s sister in Mozart’s final seven or eight years no contact Mozart, and the seven or eight years is Mozart’s biggest change, change the most a few years. Mozart lived only 35 years old, seven, eight years is the one 5 of Mozart’s life. As a translator, I don’t think Mozart childish behavior to prove his heart (or spirit) of childish, think as long as he put the banning of the books and politically (Pierre beaumarchais “marriage of figaro”) on the opera stage is enough. The “marriage of figaro” set to not reach & middot; Negroponte’s idea, but Mozart’s choice. If you take a look in many Mozart opera creates emotional full, many lifelike characters, so people can not help but ask: a & other; Children & throughout; Can depict such depth, the feelings of many characters? Especially emphasized that the translator is: Mozart’s music history in pursuit of the spirit of independence and freedom of thought and unwilling to cling to power and power (note: the power that is violent, such is the remark of contemporary Austrian writer han dirk), Mozart and discarded & other; Iron rice bowl & throughout; (in salzburg archbishop’s palace life easy as a professional musician), until he became a must rely on our own creation and play for a living and independent freelancers narrations. Because of Mozart had the freedom and independence, he didn’t maintain its own personality, this is because he has the independent personality and independent thinking, this just makes his art of immortality.

we can say that Mozart’s music history has bright & other first; Artist temperament & throughout; Of the people. & other; Artist temperament & throughout; The sociological connotation contained (i.e., & other; Artist temperament & throughout; Sociological nature) is to the taste of art to remain independent, do not do the temperament of utilitarian tool, is to keep the personality, temperament, make public artists, all power, money and don’t do slaves to fashion temperament (including the concept of fashion), is the result of the law of the artistic creation, at the writing of temperament. Just as the book at the beginning, the author points out: & other; Is precisely what he, the Vienna, Mozart created a typical, he is the typical representative examples, he expanded & lsquo; The artist temperament & rsquo; The sociological connotation. Throughout the &; Who wants to be a real artist, you should have the real & other; Artist temperament & throughout; .

& other; Mozart in his life and spiritual conditions of reaction, like information literature shows, all cannot be explained through his works. Instead, although sometimes unconsciously for himself, but systematically methodically by mask. Throughout the &; That is to say, want to use the creation of Mozart to analyze, explain his living conditions, spirit (thought) status, or on the other hand, with his life, mental state (thought) to explain his creation, will not work, can’t do. Mozart’s don’t have to work not only reflect his thoughts mental states and physical situation, but also use masking his art creation material situation and mental state. The author of this important research results has almost become the consensus of the international researchers Mozart, that means: creation will be affected by the creator of life (social) and (era) thought (spirit) the influence of the traditional sociological analysis method is by no means everything. On Mozart’s case, we can explain this: one, Mozart’s many creation is commissioned, therefore, his works must accord with the requirement of the consignor, rather than to express his inner requirements; Two, when Mozart in music creation, he forgot everything else in the world, including himself and the world around him, at this time, he lives only in the music world, in other words, music is the only world he, when he went into the world, forget everything else in the world. The author is not in the book of Mozart’s music works rational analysis of language or meaning interpretation, his argument is that Mozart & ndash; & ndash; His unique music language can’t also can’t use logic to this (perhaps the title music or general average music can do it). As the translator of the book, I quite agree with the author of this thesis, (Mozart’s music language is really hard to transformation, & other; Translation & throughout; Abstract, become a logical language, or their vocabulary. Mozart’s music can only use & other; Heart & throughout; To experience and feelings, to got the message, rather than using & other; Throughout the brain &; To think, generalize, it analysis to it. Each of us is only the feelings of Mozart’s music, not its interpretation, of course, each one’s feelings, understanding, experience & hellip; & hellip; Can be completely different, even everyone here and now and then there’s feeling, understanding, experience & hellip; & hellip; Will also be different. I think that, Mozart’s music has a universal language of pure art features, it is not only elegant, for young and old, is fit again.

feel about Mozart’s music, experience, understanding, everybody is not exactly the same. All unified action, can by executive order, but people thought unity, it turns out to be done, not possible, because it is not about dialectics, let alone for artists or works of art in accept, understanding is unified, is not possible, is also not necessary, because everyone understanding of works of art, experience, understanding & hellip; & hellip; There’s a certain subjectivity. Book is rich in material both in the biography of Mozart, also includes the creation of his work, for example, Mozart met Beethoven? Mozart and his cousin had to do (it’s & other; The orthodox & throughout; Biography, has avoided the problem), Mozart love arlo Thea was rejected after he is what mood? Mozart has not been in good health? Of Mozart’s music has the dedication to work? Mozart was born to die? Mozart’s life have a bosom friend? Is how to make music creation of Mozart? Mozart diligence creation, why always so & other; Poor & throughout; ? Mozart like Beethoven’s thought about human and human society in the future? Mozart to the time of the enlightenment and freemasonry is how understanding? Mozart’s father’s only son as & other; Cash cow & throughout; ? Mozart is a music genius, in other ways? He has a keen observation for people? Why is the time of Mozart in his later years have melancholy, sometimes very why Mozart’s life and behavior & other; Coarse & throughout; And very & other; Common throughout the &; There is no rough, but his music and vulgar & hellip; & hellip; Readers to savor the book there are a lot of really let a person think cues, but the author writing too simply, so many additive thoughtful place is likely to make people ignore the past.

the author is a writer, painter, trials of Nazi war criminals of world war ii, translator translation, English literature, was also the representative of the contemporary Germany fantastic drama writer, he received Germany top prize (buchner award) and Germany supreme medal of honor (grand cross).

(” Mozart theory “, (DE) W· Over the hill des, restore and future, east China normal university press, 2011, first edition 02)