April fool’s day online now “Leslie cheung to han’s letter” dig without reading it

April fool’s day was interesting. Han han to a memory of idol Leslie cheung long weibo after return to sina weibo, online immediately after & other; Leslie cheung to han’s letter & throughout; Onlookers, also attracted many people. Fang more repost says: & other; The Leslie cheung’s ghost, than Korean writers have much literary grace. Well said, & lsquo; People hate is just a lie, but not you. & rsquo; Throughout the &; The letter described jumping moment & other; In the body touches the ground of the moment, the soul and suddenly get thorough relaxation, and so the spirit of sublimation to the world no longer have a ripoff. Throughout the &; In the letter, encourage more han: & other; I heard that you recently a little tired earlier. I know you very hard, but you don’t have to. You see so many people crowded bus on the road and you open; Look at those people educated busy writing nobody appreciated, and you are not reading, “three worm door” has been known; You see those the university entrance exam this university graduation can’t find a job, and your new concept & lsquo; The semi & rsquo; Easily won the first prize in & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Irony meaning is clear.