Archaeological experts found that the early capital of qin in China “the northwest city of”

(reporter Feng Guo) used to the high castle thick walls of ancient Chinese capital city image, can you imagine more than 2300 years ago is located in northwest China’s capital city of qin was & other; River water ring round & throughout; ? However, the latest archaeological investigation and excavation show that the early capital of qin liangdai county long natural rivers, wall wall for later & other; Water produced & throughout; Function, is more than 2000 years ago in China & other; Northwest city & throughout; .

the shaanxi provincial institute of archaeology research institute researcher Tian Yaqi said that by 2012 archaeological work found that qin capital liangdai county to the harmony of water around the river for a long time, paper mill river, tower temple, and the phoenix mountain springs, river formation. Abundant, because at that time the river valley in depth, the natural rivers become main yugoslav capital facilities, the city layout is & other; Built along the river, along the river, r & throughout; . This & other; City runs throughout river faces the &; Capital, was more than 2000 years ago in China & other; Northwest city & throughout; .

dynasty in shaanxi fengxiang liangdai county site total distribution range of 51 square kilometers, consists of fo, Qin Gong cemetery, Chinese cemetery and to areas outside the palace area. Through years of archaeological work, ruins liangdai county town area for many important discoveries, but many details connotation is still not clear, especially for some controversial findings.

MC shaanxi changqing Qin Yongcheng Tian Yaqi site archaeological work, says of liangdai county through the town and its surrounding geographical environment investigation found that the city layout complied with the restriction of the natural environment and the mercy. Due to their high liangdai county northwest, southeast low, combined with the water flow from the north YongShan area through the city by Bai Qihe and multiple streams, make liangdai county at that time & other; Water & throughout; In the city. Became a convenient city water channel in the river, river Banks often have linhe road, at the same time between every road in the city have crisscrossed connected again.

Tian Yaqi said, found the linhe built settlement form a number of relatively concentrated area, and convenient to use the river along the river in the function of natural drainage. At the same time, through the underground water pipe network will waters into the city each interval, such as workshop production, settlement and pestered him life water ponds, etc.

in & other; Water produced & throughout; What time, dynasty liangdai county built tall walls? According to archaeological excavations, the archeologists found in liangdai county rammed earth wall body qin early pottery, thus preliminarily concluded that more than 2000 years ago in the shiji “qin” recorded & other Epitaph for two years, throughout the city harmony &; Fortification of records is reliable, that is to say, qin under construction are harmony ChengJin build tall wall after 200.

Tian Yaqi said, past many archaeological findings cannot prove that the early qin state the wall of the instance, and from Qin Gong cemetery in the discovery of the signs in the ditch is formed in the river at that time, ravines chow ring protection facilities as a city’s point of view. In fact, this & other; To keep the enemy out of town water & throughout; The main yugoslav capital facilities, and people of the construction of the early qin lixian county big great mountains, dome son Qin Xi dog QiuCheng defense system. Mid warring states period, the nations situation mutations, attack strategy become a mainstream trend, the state of qin in the original & other Water produced & throughout; To build the wall, and formed by the wall earth trench, capital was formed by multiple defense shield.

in addition is & other; Shuicheng & throughout; Important discoveries, the archeologists are still in the dynasty liangdai county town east found a large palace building, etc., and three are relatively concentrated and the research dynasty liangdai county early ritual architecture and social stratum division and the warring states period & other; Chinese & throughout; The social change, etc., have important academic value.