Archaeologists found suspected cleopatra sculpture: Roman serenely

cleopatra has been a well-known figure in western popular culture, her image in many works of art. These days, a group of archaeologists are trying to find her grave to restore a real cleopatra.


the graph is an era of cleopatra’s Egyptian gold bracelet, adopted two snakes around configuration, a symbol of protection and renewal.

in Dan Della, the temple of the wall on the left side of the engraved with the statue of cleopatra, also printed on her name & ndash; & ndash; This statue is rare. Cleopatra by offered a sacrifice to the gods to perform the duties of a pharaoh. She and Julius & middot; Caesar born son also appeared on the statue, it is a kind of propaganda, aims to strengthen his position as heir to the queen. Shortly after the death of cleopatra, his son Caesar Lyon was caught and put to death.

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these broken statues, including the head of a Roman women and cleopatra’s a bust of ancestors, the archeologists in Alexandria coast discovered nearly twenty years to dig out the cultural relics. After several centuries after the earthquake, tsunami and rising sea levels, the majority of Alexandria city and surrounding areas were inundated by seawater.