Archaeologists found suspected Jesus tomb was under pressure in a tall building

(archaeologists found suspected Jesus tomb)

Beijing, March 2 (xinhua) according to Taiwan & other; Today’s news & throughout; News, Canada a documentary film director and archaeologists jacobovici (Simcha Jacobovic), declared in Jerusalem a courtyard in the first century of underground tomb, found suspected the final resting place, Jesus Christ, and the sarcophagus also engraved with Greek: god the Lord, let his resurrection, let his resurrection.

the UK, the daily mail reported archaeologists to remote camera fixed on the mechanical arm, back and forth beneath the exploration into the building, the results found and the 12 disciples of Jesus may be several people in the coffin.

one of the coffin lid with fish, as in the old testament & other; Jonah and the whale & throughout; (Jonah and the Whale), predicted that Jesus the resurrection of the prophet Jonah, eaten by a giant fish after three days and three nights, still sign was rescued.

actually & other; Garden tomb & throughout; Was found as early as 1981, but were jews protest when mining, it bothers the tomb of peace, called for a moratorium on excavation work, after the tomb was sealed up, and covered with a tall building. This area is only 200 meters and 1980 distance of another grave garden, is also regarded as the tomb of Jesus family, caused many disputes.