Arnett: the only reporter interviewed bin laden himself

in March 1997, arnett interview with Ben & middot; Osama bin laden. Images provided by Peter I

there is only one reporter interviewed the & middot; Osama bin laden, is Peter & middot; Arnett. One night in March 1997, he described to see this & middot; Osama bin laden: & other; A bearded, tall (about 1.9 meters) of men with AK – 47 assault rifle pushed the door open, bent his need to enter with mud piled up on the halfway up the mountain hut. Mud hut with shabby carpet, lighting lanterns. With cold wind blowing outside. We eagerly hope that’s what this & middot; Bin laden & ndash; The United States and British intelligence think is the most dangerous man in the world. Throughout the &;

& other; He straight up, wrapped in a white turban head is about to hit the roof. His long beard with grey beard, no smile, his eyes beaming stubborn. He was dressed in white robes, robes outside still hanging on a camouflage combat jacket. He nodded, and for us to solve the jacket, then sitting opposite us ragged blankets. He held the rifles, side like hugging his favorite child. Throughout the &;

on May 8, academic exchange center in shantou university, time weekly interview Pitt & middot; Arnett & ndash; The only interviewed this & middot; Bin laden’s American journalist. His thundering great interest tells the story of another war. He recalled the detailed interview after osama bin laden, he said at the time, he just think osama bin laden declared war on the United States is & other Talk & throughout; . Until 9 & middot; 11 that day, he looked out from the house in New York, covered the sky, the explosion of smoke came the son of a friend’s death. He didn’t believe that this & other; The devil & throughout; How great strength.

laden crazy vision

time weekly: a few days ago, this & middot; Bin laden was killed in the United States, to this, do you have?

Peter & middot; Arnett: I only feel that such a person, this day comes too late. When I had an interview with him, he said this. He said he was going to kill people, he is going to build a big islamic empire, a pure islamic world. In his imagination, women in the world is not to accept education, can only accept religious education. His mission is to run counter to the civilized world.

he was born in a very wealthy family, but ultimately betrayed them, then betrayed the world, he wanted to create an imaginary world. He planned a lot of brutal violence. 9 & middot; 11 and he did all the war in Afghanistan, and in Spain, in Paris, various terrorist incident happened in Britain, tens of thousands of deaths. He is a like a devil.

every time after the attacks, he will be made into a video, send out everywhere, and highly praised the implement of terrorism. His behavior really changes the world, and the west about the atmosphere of terror feeling is very strong. He made these countries because of counter-terrorism, also must pay big spending.

I think China is the same, because when we interview him, he mentioned in xinjiang. He thinks his part of the islamic empire of xinjiang, the empire from Spain to Indonesia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, western China, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. This is his imaginary vision. He is leader of this great empire. He will not hesitate to use violence to achieve his purpose. There are a lot of terrorism in history, but he is undoubtedly the most close to success.

time weekly: but Ben & middot; Bin laden also live in hiding exile for this purpose.

Peter & middot; Arnett: because of these reasons, this & middot; Bin laden also does not have legal place, he lost his nationality, Saudi Arabia. He founded al-qaeda, thousands of people. Anyone to join this organization, must this & middot; Osama bin laden to keep great loyalty. He is Paramount.

now al-qaeda’s infiltration into the seven countries, Iraq, somalia, the Arabian peninsula, Pakistan and Afghanistan have his organization. So such a guy, must be stopped him, chase him, the understanding of the mainstream in the world.

his end, and should have happened.

when I interviewed him, he showed his in front of us is an extreme islamic defenders, and the United States is the enemy of this belief. He thinks he has to justify the violence, he will maintain his faith, and to achieve the goal of establish a pure islamic empire. He believes that the Arab world waiting for him to bring a change.

he felt like a god, even though in our opinion, he is just like a priest, has a long beard.

time weekly: how do you connect to the interview?

Peter & middot; Arnett: we spent three months to contact this interview. At that time he lived in the Arab mountainous area, we set up offices in London to contact through him. At the time, this & middot; Osama bin laden never accept television interview. He is just recording, DVD and the outside world through a network.

later, he informed us that he agreed to accept our interview. CNN and said, the only to the United States, obviously, he wants to be with the aid of CNN’s influence to introduce himself to the world. I was the first report of the gulf war reporter, and for many years in Afghanistan, he also know me. So they actively responded to us.

in an interview, he has a special word, called & other; Declared war on the United States & throughout; . But at the time, but people think he is a madman, incredibly want to declares war on the superpower.

but, in the United States intelligence agency the CIA, FBI and some Arab countries are extremely concerned about at his answer.

we all know that it is not easy to interview him, because he never accepted the interview, always a cat in the mountains. Because interview him, CNN consulting some U.S. intelligence agencies, get reply is, this guy’s dangerous.