Art martyr wu guanzhong

in memory of wu guanzhong academic conference for many times, hear the deepest word is martyrdom. This word is already quite strange in today, painting, art is not to love, to learn survival skills, how to connect and martyrdom squishy. Do you know if the system of wu guanzhong shicheng, understand at the beginning of the last century, CAI yuanpei in national YiZhuan advocates an aesthetic instead of religious claims, it is not hard to understand wu guanzhong generation gene in possession of martyrdom for the arts. , as art for art’s sake and wu, this is how the realm. With the party, the religious believers to party members and the ultimate sacrifice requirement is no different, difference only lies in the practice of everyone. Also only with the Angle of martyrdom, can clearly know wu guanzhong, to understand his dedication for the arts and artistic life. As a landscape painter, in addition to the Inner Mongolia, he almost all around the whole of China; As a painter, he out of the book, including word class work, stacking is higher than he is. Alone the two records, since no one can and Chinese painters. Wu guanzhong is often said that art is crazy, crazy can’t teach. I didn’t understand until now, this is the essence of the crazy martyrdom. Wu guanzhong sweep beauty blind as own duty, think that China beauty blind than illiterate, actually he is, think of yourself as a beautiful and sow fire life with a mission. From this point, I can understand in his later years he did two things: one is myself don’t think a perfect works all destroyed, 2 it is to think yourself good works all donated. Countries gave him his artist for the people, I think it’s because there are too many yuan artists today.