Artist Deng Jianjin interviews: sensual absurd theatre in secret of human nature

editor’s note: Deng Jianjin is obsessed with printmaking in southern China one of the most representative contemporary artists. His artistic creation and closely tied to the trend of the Chinese contemporary art, the but again is maverick. In the early 1990 s by critics identified for & other; Beyond the new generation & throughout; After differs from the north, in his work to discuss issues related to youth, sensual, violence, from many aspects, such as pathological radiation of sociology, psychology, pathology and other broad field. Most remarkable of all, he through banter of sexuality, sexual desire, sexual violence and sharp, showing the many secrets of hidden place humanity. His research topic continuity and phase characteristics of clear, can emerge among young artists to the present the reference of related art motif.

society, individual and trend

reporter: launched some time ago Hong Kong Asian art literature documentary about guangdong review of contemporary art in the 80 s, titled & other; Sartre and Teresa teng & throughout; , these two names is a symbol of the cultural aspects of different ideas about the Chinese intellectuals. Some of them for your interview, then, what do you think of open doors in the 80 s after the western philosophy and Hong Kong and Taiwan pop culture art to you what effect?

Deng Jianjin (hereinafter referred to as & other; Deng & throughout;) : all that s more like reading philosophy, reading is you are looking for at the time, as a kind of fashion. Reading has become a boom. Artists, too, to read for us as a fulcrum & ndash; & ndash; For art judgment basis, on the other hand is pop music elements of these alive, but the scarce in that both in cultural and material life, neither is unexpected. Relationship between them is not too much, but also bring confusion between and passion, but if just read philosophy and literature, maybe I will not go today. Reading and entertainment is at the same time, Teresa teng bring us a new life at that time and these for us in the direction of the adolescent who lit the fire of desire, I think that is in the social development in a very natural thing, experience is also very important.

reporter: in the early 90 s, new generation become a prominent phenomenon, these artists through the depiction of himself or side of banter to express a kind of lofty spirit, the view of individual survival experience, and sharp contrast to the previous grand narrative. You work on the subject at that time and the new generation is similar, but attitude tendency on some of the differences, and then you will soon change, and the new generation of many artists seem to have been sticking to that way. What led you out of that trend of free?

answer: in 1994, huang zhuan do a column in the archives of art, which has a recommendation for me. When he took a statement, called & other; Beyond the new generation & throughout; . Although I to rival the painters of new generation on the schema is similar, but the spirit of the point is not the same. & other; More interpersonal contact is a natural harmony and the humanities, apparently not his artistic quality of cultural criticism, but it is real, healthy and ideal. Throughout the &; And those of pure sensuous, autistic, negative, or ruffian type is popular in the north of new generation art has very big difference. They have been sticking to a point, an iconic symbol continues and magnified. In my art experiences are more personal experience, it between the six years from 1990 to 1996, a similar mark. Because both the north and the south, at the time of the environment determines our attitude toward society and individuals tend to their own values. But in 1996, to each stage now, my work have change, mainly according to the reality and the reality between the fuzziness and uncertainty of interest, come on the theme and the technique of expression.

reporter: you are now the overall picture of have a sense of magic, in the picture on the expression of the reflection of reality is indirect, transcend the feeling of reality is more and more strong, this is what reason is caused?

answer: I always prefer to read about mental pathological analysis, sex pathological study, psychology this type of books and related aspects of the literature, movies, music, there are many taboos, sensual, erotic, narcissism, a mix of delirium. These have a certain influence on me. Is also my addiction, constitute such a thread because I would like to discuss something about people (sexual) deeper, symbolic and superficiality too strong of the picture is not what I’m after, I would like to express in the gaps between the reality and the reality of a state, try to people activity pointing to a more intimate, more deep within itself, to join the absurd scene will become an irreplaceable center.

reporter: you stressed the responsibility of the artist as an intellectual, but now we often talk about intellectuals are usually refers to the phenomenon of social problems and a voice, full of critical spirit of the economist. In the art world have similar artists & ndash; & ndash; Present social problems, criticized social abuses. You as a more attention & other; Private & throughout; Artists, and individual topic is how to think about the kind of artist? For the artist’s social responsibility how do you understand?

answer: some artists are preferred or political culture some problems and phenomena of reality. Everyone’s starting point is different, have different research areas have, with my personal understanding, a kind of intellectuals are directly react to some social malpractices, ask for all kinds of social problems, so as to seek the solution. But also is a kind of research, is the study of problems, and seriously, piety, rigorous academic attitude also reflects an intellectual at the very least, conscience and responsibility. I’m more inclined to such an attitude. I think as an intellectual must defend the dignity of the academic, the artist is according to their own interest and study, and not just emphasize social some sound.