As to why lu xun good do not gambling casino: learn to gamblers Listen to take notes

is a never gambling, but lu xun in his novel but write gambling is extremely lifelike, feeling letting a person a see lu xun is a master of gambling.

in fact, lu xun is to know the way of gambling, and, in order to write a gambling on the plot in the novel, special thanks to the lu xun for the teacher, a man named Wang Hezhao workers refer to him the way of gambling.

Wang Hezhao for very familiar with the life of ordinary civilians, he also understand gambling card bets on the pitch, persons, and methods of card playing bamboo and rules of the casino gamblers and scenes. He know all things in gambling tell lu xun with relish, returned to the lu xun hum gambling when singing songs.

lu xun as an elementary school student listen to the teacher, he listen carefully, do record a pen, also questions seriously.

when lu xun to write the true story of ah Q, two gave a vivid description to gambling, is a Q card bets:

Q is sweat in the middle, the loudest voices him: & other; Tsing lung four hundred! Throughout the &; & other; Cough & hellip; & hellip; Open & hellip; & hellip; ! Throughout the &; Banker opened the box cover, and sweat to sing: & other; Tianmen, angular gyrus & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; and where the hall empty? & hellip; ! Q the copper wire right away & hellip; & hellip; ! Throughout the &;

the other is Q: coming back from the city long knowledge

not zhuang villagers but play 32 card of bamboo, only false foreign devil can fork & other; Mahjong & throughout; , the city was even the little turtle son fork of mastery, what false foreign devil, as long as in the city of teenage turtle son’s hands, also immediately is imp in death.

the gambling scene very vivid, exactly like a proficient in gambling.

although lu xun to know the way of gambling, but he always in real life are from gambling.