Astronomical experts: nearly 700 tiny objects are likely to hit the earth

astronomical experts say, is likely to hit the earth and bring disaster small near-earth objects around 700 total. To avoid these small near-earth objects hit earth, relevant departments and agencies are drawing up measures to avoid them.

about 700 small near-earth objects is the most emphasis to astronomical experts in a called & other; Apophis & throughout; The near-earth asteroids, according to the scientists calculated, by 2029, about 300 meters in diameter and other Apophis & throughout; And will be less than 40000 km distance from the earth. Despite the danger of the asteroid hit the earth in 2029 has been ruled out, but in 2036 still exist the possibility of a collision with earth.

the Chinese astronomical society members, director of the institute of tianjin astronomical Zhong Daxin said that in order to avoid small near-earth objects hit earth, relevant departments and institutions in some countries are drawing up plans and measures, and gradually implemented. The point has two aspects: one is to establish a space for small near-earth objects alert net, in a tight space search and effective monitoring; Second, system study and grasp the intercept, demolition, destroy and pushes it away from the original track and other high and new technology, in order to head off a danger.