At the same why not? The human brain can only handle one task at a time

in the information age, we are going to get more information, there are more things to do, people more and more used to do, as if in this way can improve the work efficiency, such as talking on the phone, and email; Or tweeting, while working. But scientific research has found that the brain actually does not have the ability to do two things at the same time, multitasking does not improve efficiency.

human brain can only handle one task at a time

there is a function of the brain, can according to the priorities, attention focused on the need to pay attention to things. This ability is the need of survival: a lion appears in the vicinity, nature should not continue to concentrate on cutting trees.

and the study of brain science shows that prefrontal habit of dealing with problems tend to deal with one task at a time. Scientists of the latest research results show that they found a place in the brain & other; Bottleneck & throughout; , if the brain in less than 300 milliseconds apart when handling two things at the same time, the brain’s response to the second thing is slower.

experiment, the researchers had volunteers at the same time dealing with two or more than two & ndash; & ndash; While doing math to identify the graphics, for example, it is found that the brain transformation between two tasks greatly reduces the working efficiency, at the same time engaged in two jobs used time than to finish a used to do the next thing more than 50% of the time. In another experiment, the researchers while volunteers listen to complex sentences to let them to identify the geometry, and the two tasks are handled by different parts of the brain. The researchers found that when handle two tasks at the same time, two parts of the brain are not into the best state.

researchers using chromatography X-ray radiography to observe brain activity found that when people in dealing with many things, is the brain play a key role in the prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal cortex can improve work efficiency, but it is only in a rapidly adjust the order of two postprocessing in advance, sometimes this translation can be fast to let us produce & other; At the same time & throughout; The illusion. Brain processes two things transformation takes time, people can practice shorten the conversion time, is unlikely to shorten it to any small values.

why can people listening to music while typing

you might ask: when we used to do things, often can multi task, such as eating while watching TV, listening to music while typing, while driving to chat, is this why?

, such as typing while driving in the learning phase requires brain a lot of effort, but once after through long-term training becomes a conditioned reflex, so they need to consciousness, pay attention to the psychological resources is reduced, and the brain to deal with this kind of task is almost a automatic processing mode. But when we are engaged in work, study and so on more complex work, it needs more attention, the need to control the brain. The brain’s attention span is limited, however, every moment is only one focus, the brain in dealing with this kind of task, is almost difficult to & other; Multitasking & throughout; .

an official analysis report, the national is about more than 5000 people die each year because of concentration caused a car accident while driving. Among them, texting while driving, make a phone call is the most common unsafe behavior.

multitasking can really dispersed pressure

there are scientists think: & other; Multitasking & throughout; While there are disadvantages, but will make people feel better.

the researchers recruited a group of college students, asking them to do them, while the use of a special electronic products like mobile phones, such as cleaning the room at the same time, with this & other; Cell phones & throughout; Chat with friends, etc. Researchers to evaluate their behavior for three times a day, such as emotion, motivation, effect of doing things.

it was found that most people said, while at the same time do a few things would make their thinking ability, efficiency is lower, but it will be more satisfied emotionally. There are a lot of people said, is to pursue their own happiness and & other; Deliberately & throughout; Multitasking. Researchers warned that the psychological pressure, and other Multitasking & throughout; May play a dispersion pressure effect. However, when the work in the important or urgent task, remember to wholeheartedly, as far as possible to ensure efficient and not to make mistakes. Xu feng “encyclopaedia”