Australia five genius painter to paint 2 years old has earned 100000 pounds (FIG.)

Andre paintings

in Melbourne, a man was only 5 years old girl aleta & middot; Andre, already earn by selling paintings under 100000 pounds. Andre therefore known as & other; A genius painter & throughout; , & other One of the world’s most young professional painter & throughout; . Andre from 2 years old started painting, each painting sold at least 3000 pounds, now expects to have earned 100000 pounds. Andre’s paintings have been compared with the modern art master pollock and Picasso.

at present, Andre paintings have been exhibited two games, and will hold the third goro o gallery in New York. Andre’s mother said, the couple found that her daughter got a talent for painting, long before Andre way of painting, technique is different from ordinary children. Andrea’s parents said they never forced her daughter to paint, and said that her work should be to the art value to judge, rather than age.