Author also died, literary circle recall sad Hong Kong literature literary underestimated

leung ping-kwan also, original name, born on March 12, 1949, originally from guangdong new will, to Hong Kong in 1949, ask foreign language graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist university, in 1984 at the university of California, San Diego, PhD in comparative literature, a former director of Chinese department of lingnan university in Hong Kong. Lunch prose is the author of “myth”, “landscape character”, poetry anthology “thunder and cicadas”, “free of poems, stories,” the island with the mainland “and” paper-cut “, etc. Is one of the most important intellectuals and Hong Kong.

in the Hong Kong book fair year writer later, Hong Kong a writer, he died. When this month 5, 9, also died in Hong Kong, shatin, ringha hospital, at the age of 63. His parting request was, hope Hong Kong literature can get wide attention of the local and even the world.

3 months before he died in a lecture

, is a Hong Kong native born after the war, also one of the important writers of the first generation, starting in the 1960 s, Hong Kong literature awards for many times. Also, 2009 years ago, prior to being diagnosed with lung cancer and chemotherapy.

Hong Kong poet Liao Weitang said that two months ago, also has very heavy, but also worked with him in October last year, a lecture, when the poet adonis in Hong Kong, and also meet adonis Liao Weitang together. & other; He has been in the life the last moment in the efforts to do things for culture promotion. Throughout the &; Liao Weitang said, these two years, and no more aware of their own time, so the more diligent, & other; We sometimes see him are very distressed, more and more thin, has not stopped writing after he is sick, has been written, the last time I saw him, he also said that some experiences of the ill treatment of poem, written in the article. Throughout the &;

also has been moderating lingnan university research work, presided over the past two years this Hong Kong literature published several books. & other; He has always been very emphasize, don’t let Hong Kong disappear from the discourse of literature in the world, he is try out his own strength to Hong Kong literature. Throughout the &; Liao Weitang said.

was affable humility

Liao Weitang said he has settled in Hong Kong know, beginning to feel respected, also don’t dare to close to him, after contact discovery is very kind humble a person, so the two of them soon became to forget. Every time a foreign or Chinese poet, writer came to Hong Kong, Liao Weitang and also will be together with each other to some very special place to eat, because he also you know diet.

Chinese earliest wrote in a fantasy reality of the world

when it comes to also, poetry, Liao Weitang think compared with the contemporary modern poetry, poetry hazy or obscure, also has a great meaning in concise appearance. At the same time, also very attention to daily life, pay attention to Hong Kong today. & other; He has a book of poems called “things”, the writing of which is very ordinary things, but it reflects the very ordinary things under a particular era, Chinese in Hong Kong or as a reaction to the world. Throughout the &;

for novel, also Liao Weitang think very experimental, the whole Chinese world the first affected by magic realism novels. & other; As mo yan is in the 80 s, also and cc in the ’50 s and’ 60 s has already begun to experiment with magic realism to writing, is almost followed by Latin American literature trend. Throughout the &;

Liao Weitang think, also, cc generation, once on behalf of the Hong Kong elite culture and western culture directly. & other; You see also had to write movie reviews are one of the world’s most avant-garde movies, even to Britain and the United States, is also the most front end and the avant-garde. Also, what they do really can be said to be pioneering, is in a wilderness, carved out a few things to come. Throughout the &; But these results, Liao Weitang think after 97 really become a spiritual heritage of the younger generation in Hong Kong.

in lingnan university, according to a statement released last wish is hope Hong Kong literature can also get more attention, because Hong Kong literature in a edge position for many years, so also hope Hong Kong local outstanding writer to get attention, rehabilitate hope Hong Kong literature status in the future.

s literary circle recall

Xu Diqiang

also, efforts to promote Hong Kong literature

I know also, there are about more than 30 years, he is one of the first friends encouraged me to writing. Also, is trying a different style in writing, poetry, novels, essays, reviews, content is very extensive. He put his life in recent years, such as eating into the novel, through diet culture in different parts of the same and difference, this is everyone liked it, and people more attention. He also pay great attention to text and fusion of different media, such as he and the creator of many different media cooperation, photography, dance, art and so on.

what I enjoy most is his poetry anthology “thunder and cicadas, his poetry is very plain, waukesha is very strong, but there are some changes, such as he had written a poem in the New Year, he said there is a few miles to the New Year, the time into space, to give us a new view of time.

is this for decades, have been trying to put the Hong Kong literature to outside Hong Kong, his last wish is said to be the hope Hong Kong will be more people in the world of literature.

Ma Guhui

reading his prose, I feel very warm

when I was at the university of Chicago, have a a lot of snow in winter, I turn to in the library are also out of a book of essays in Taiwan, is very impressive. See his prose, I would feel warm, as if met a fellow villager, a home to man. The winter of 1989, we began to written communication. In 1997, I go back to Hong Kong newspaper work, began to have the opportunity to meet, are generally in the literature.

the last time to see him, was in June of 2012, I took him to guangzhou, at that time his condition has been under control, general is such. But I don’t think so, because I have a lot of friends, the elder lung cancer are like this, lung cancer is a kind of very nasty disease, usually you start treatment effect is very good, suddenly under control, as nothing, but the twinkling of an eye it suddenly again, so I had a feeling at that time, indeed as expected.

also actively rehabilitate for Hong Kong literature, he think Hong Kong literature is literary underestimated, poetry, novels, and even column has been underestimated, he’s been doing such a thing. (reporter Jiang Yan trainee journalist Jiang Nan)