Baggage shop the shopkeeper after 80: is guo degang crosstalk golden age of the most popular

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dongzhimen south a little street & other Qinfeng costs & throughout; Beside, the city is a well-known folk crosstalk team & other; Throughout the &; The company is located. Once upon a time, there are those who will take this & other; Selling steamed stuffed bun & throughout; And & other Said crosstalk & throughout; The signs confused. Now, as & other; After the 80 crosstalk & throughout; Representative, & other; Hip hop shop baggage & throughout; Founder of Gao Xiaopan has developed his team into a year up to thousand performances, box office income thousands of performing arts companies, to call him from & other; The shopkeeper & throughout; Turned out to be & other; High total & throughout; .

this year October 3, 4, & other; Hip hop shop baggage & throughout; Will be held in cultural palace grand theatre crosstalk two National Day special performance. One is the creation of the Gao Xiaopan, he took ten of his personal will breath new creation of new crosstalk; Another is by & other; Hip hop shop baggage & throughout; The first team of special PK. In order to the two big performances, & other; Hip hop shop baggage & throughout; Full out, make four busy at ordinary times the hip hop theater had to play two days. And wasn’t too keen to deal with the media before Gao Xiaopan this also brightly in the face of reporters, crosstalk creation, art and market, such as money and development topic talked a blast.

why say crosstalk in fact it is difficult to

reporter: so many years you have created many works? All these work is what contents?

Gao Xiaopan: I have created more than 30 works. Are all kinds of ordinary people around social phenomenon. There are said housing, irony, pr, looking for a job, and capital operation & hellip; & hellip; Now easily someone ask me about capital operation.

reporter: hard to crosstalk creation?

Gao Xiaopan: crosstalk, architecture, is the most important skills, character, the last is & other Baggage & throughout; . But now the whole market, crosstalk show actor, is to put the & other; Baggage & throughout; In the first place, often ignored the structure, technique, character. You see He Yunwei, gold, why are they very good? Because they attach great importance to & other; Work & throughout; Architecture, skills, characters, & other; Baggage & throughout; For them, and a mouth and a & other; Baggage & throughout; . No, actually right here.

reporter: the hip hop spread even make two special baggage, what’s the goal?

Gao Xiaopan: I really want to pass the hip-hop baggage shop, and my Gao Xiaopan my efforts, to prove what good crosstalk. Because I think now crosstalk market more disorderly. So I rarely participate in coil.

why said now the market is a bit messy

reporter: why do you say crosstalk market chaos?

Gao Xiaopan: now is not the crosstalk show, will listen to the crosstalk has not listened to, sad; Understand the crosstalk are basically all don’t want to hear, get tired; Crosstalk is more business now, there is no art to talk about, it is now on the existing situation of crosstalk. You too pay attention to the external publicity, packaging, promotion, but the essence of the crosstalk is more and more. I am very fond of the founder of the virgin group Richard, he once said a words: & other; Through business performance, as core. Throughout the &; Hip-hop baggage that the present situation of the shop is in this way, we and competing show, and theater of competing services, why the audience to listen to the crosstalk? Because you said crosstalk is good. I now old, said & other; Take a step back turned out to be forward & throughout; Shop, hip-hop baggage did. Instead of what we don’t get to, get a lot of things. Hip hop shop baggage now four theater can have eighty percent attendance every game, many people don’t believe that someone is stealing to we ask at the box office.

reporter: some people think crosstalk is disorderly and & other Three common & throughout; The relevant.

Gao Xiaopan: about & other; Three common & throughout; , I belong to the centre. & other; Three common & throughout; Now is the key to a lot of small theater crosstalk survival. But what & other; Three common & throughout; Don’t & other; Three common & throughout; The problem of its own, is an actress. Some people would like to say, some people are not willing to say. As some very common things, I really couldn’t say, as the laughter is also very cheap. But why some people are willing to say & other; Common throughout the &; Thing, because actors want to upper, want to be famous, want you to like. Now really lack of crosstalk performer famous platform, we should provide more platforms.

reporter: so what do you think the golden age of crosstalk should be what kind of?

Gao Xiaopan: I think that the golden age of crosstalk has already passed, I think the golden age of crosstalk is guo of the most popular at that time. I personally really like guo degang crosstalk, guo degang is worship.