Bai yansong: every generation has its own struggle and struggle

experienced KaoXue, looking for a job, fall in love, some 85, 90 teenagers found that, after the ideal and the reality of the distance is too far away to despair, they felt that they were real oppression was out of breath. So they are the most injustice in this world, the most unfortunate a generation of young people? To this, the famous CCTV host bai yansong, senior news commentator answer: & other; No! No generation of youth is easy, and every generation has the fate of every generation, injustice, struggle and struggle. Throughout the &;

bai yansong recently arrived in zhengzhou university, with more than 3000 college students talk about the youth topic, made a titled & other; Discuss the throughout & youth, with the ideal and reality; In the speech.

about ideal, bai yansong said, the ideal is plump, reality is very skinny, many young people like to use this sentence to describe the distance between the ideal and reality. Young people have their own lofty ideal, but face the reality, a lot of people seem confused about what to do. Exactly what to do with the relationship between the ideal and the reality? His suggestion is that: first, hide the ideal.

& other; Ideal is a good thing, sometimes gadites breath, so ideal can’t want to every day. Everyday want to ideal, you can’t do the present usual days. Will only make you feel too far away from reality and ideal. Throughout the &; Bai yansong said, & other; But if you have a clear ideal, and hide it in heart, to efforts to do it in front of everything. Perhaps, after a period of time, you looked up will find, hey, this is not something that is called the ideal? Throughout the &;

bai yansong summarizes the most outstanding problem facing this generation of young people, because can’t afford to buy a house, love is too expensive; Want to go to Beijing to be a north drift gens, price is too high; Interpersonal relationship is too difficult, all dare not say & other; Don’t & throughout; . So now a lot of young people, feel this generation is the most wronged, the most unfortunate generation. Bai yansong said, there is no generation of youth is easy, and every generation has its own destiny, struggle and struggle, have to undergo judgment and choice.

he tells the story of ji on the university students to study abroad in Germany. At the time, just in time to catch the outbreak of world war ii, the old season abroad don’t come back, and one is 10 years. Season later, old in his dwelling place talking about this topic, is still very sigh with emotion: & other; Don’t know a no road back to its mother’s arms, would rather stay home not to come out in the countryside. Throughout the &;

bai yansong said, this generation born in 1949, when people think of their happiness is dead. In the words of a poet, time began. However, when 12 years is a long body, 3 years of natural disasters come, they eat not the belly. When start school, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Started; When to fall in love, regardless of men and women, all the people are wearing the same clothes, men do, women have to do. Outstretched, such as age, finally settle down, want to get married to a child, suddenly the restore the university entrance exam. They have to, the university entrance exam, fate the turning point from now on. Finally to more than 30 years old, want a few more children, the family planning. Later, when they begin to enjoy family happiness, laid off, the children go to college also can not find work. & other; Compared to this generation, are you happy? Throughout the &;

& other; After 40, 50, 70, after their youth easy? Throughout the &; Bai yansong said, & other; This generation of young people have nothing to complain about. But you can now through the Internet expressions and emotions, let the world witnessed your confusion and suffering. Throughout the &;

bai yansong with classmates to share his story of youth. And he said, I was born in a border town in Inner Mongolia. In the us there is no news, I also don’t know what the reporter. Broadcasting institute exam easily, skipping classes there is no catch, extra-curricular look casually, so GuangYuan enter oneself for an examination.

& other; I said, I buy is original. As a result, there are many don’t think their school is famous university student, I often tell them my story. The north very cow, not now where to go to school students. We’re going to use our own efforts, send a school from nobody to school. To be a original purchaser. Somebody else buy futures, spot. My wife know me, I am nothing, just a very lovely person. For love, this is enough. But now, some girls want to use the house, the car to measure whether to have love with him. Throughout the &;

bai yansong said: & other; For 60 said later, even the college is puzzled. The house is too expensive, have never thought of our generation to buy their own house. Someone said, we drift in Shanghai, it is. But our generation doesn’t even have a chance to drift. So let’s the envy of your pain is the happiness. “21, we walked out of the swamp of youth”, this poem, I recall, very beautiful very romantic, but very cruel. Throughout the &;

about life, bai yansong said, the truth of life is insipid. Each to leave campus community college students should accept most is insipid. Today, chong graduates already left school. Every one from the university campus to society and life, the most important thing is to accept insipid life. 5% 5% of life is happiness, is pain, and the rest are plain. That 5% of happiness, like iron pliers on meat fork, attract us. But more often is flat.

bai yansong thinks, the classmates in the exercise of their comprehensive quality, the first is not a talent, but have a strong heart. When going forward when you leave the campus, you must face the blow. No good psychological quality, want to blend in this society, is no good. Not specifically China, as well as in the United States. When I was in hiring, often to see how the man the psychological quality; It’s like a boxer, constantly hit by others is not important. I see a lot of young people in the first praise, fell down. Without music praise more will be destroyed. Should have tolerance to criticism and praise to be alert.

in the end, bai yansong also and his views on the university entrance exam. Have students say, now of the college entrance examination has a lot of problem, such as regional differences, some areas of children score also difficult to get into a good university, feel very depressed. To this, bai yansong said: & other; Without this there are still many problems of the college entrance examination, we may not have the opportunity to face to face conversation. China’s college entrance examination have myriad problems, but now one of the most fair way. Not the university entrance exam, have you ever made a rich second generation? Throughout the &;