Bai yansong sharp commentary on the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games “poking fun at god” is better than say crosstalk

(source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

SMW reporter Zhang Ziwei Liu Xin intern London the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the BBC commentator funny jokes, by netizens, yesterday at the closing ceremony, bai yansong also unwilling to lag behind, sharp explanation let netizen praise is better than say crosstalk, when rogge say & other; Happy (happy) & throughout; Bai yansong said: & other; Indeed, in the face of the London Olympics, we always have a reason to laugh & hellip; & hellip; Well happy is the most important thing. Throughout the &; (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

poking fun at singer

& other; Now call aunt not spicy, previously known as the spice girls. Young is their moving, now under all by their car was moving & throughout; .

& ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Review the spice girls standing at the top of the cab singing

& other; Compared with the young, his flesh grows too a little free. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Poking fun at his idol, a famous British singer George & middot; Michael

ridicule fashion

& other; Fashion is not only a trend, more important, in fact is industry. You are familiar with these faces, yes, all are you familiar with the product together with them. You buy $300 in 270 dollars may be associated with their products, the rest is the value of the product. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Nine British supermodel appearance when passing & other; Expose & throughout; Fashion insider

poking fun at athlete

& other; Tears after Chinese athletes won the proportion of only 7%, if there is no sun to cry twice, and estimate the percentage will be lower. Throughout the &; (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

& ndash; & ndash; Under the old white statistical proportion of tears by athletes from all over the world

& other; Men’s basketball team, women’s volleyball team lost it doesn’t matter, somehow we came, and the two big ball project is better than we do not have to ball project. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; Time does not forget poking fun at the team’s

poking fun at the host

& other; As there were only eight gold MEDALS in China, like eighty-eight gold MEDALS in the UK. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; When see official clips Olympic athletes review

& other; The referee to faster. But no flame faster than, if marked by this, that today is the second time we look at the closing. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Summary & other; Higher, faster, stronger & throughout; (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)