Bao come clean bottom spirit? Salary of more than one state to the central tax


recently read history, inadvertently found about bao pay records, has a meaning.

baogong involved in KaiFengFu when head (“, “highly. Official), 30 stone monthly food, rice and wheat each half; Twenty bundle of firewood (each bundle of 13 pounds), hay forty bundle; Winter outgoing 15 equation (equation to 15 kg) charcoal; Month & other; Minister of money & throughout; One thousand five hundred penetration, & other Add the money & throughout; One hundred injection.

when bao on the central office, there are three cabinet straight degree and so on province department right card shark’s hat. Ren Fan outside the kaifeng officer belongs to enjoy treatment of vice-ministerial level of senior officials. Therefore, bao enjoy court free transfer of 20 hectares of cultivated land (two thousand acres), allows the rent, don’t pay the duty. According to ZuMi per acre a stone estimation, the input of two thousand stone.

this rate, bao annual income is about: copper twenty thousand eight hundred and fifty-six penetration, rice two thousand one hundred and eighty stone, wheat one hundred and eighty, ten handicrafts, silk ghatpot thirty-four handicrafts, two from 15, one hundred struck continous, charcoal equation, firewood, two hundred and forty bales of hay two hundred and forty bales.

according to the price at that time, four hundred meters every stone, every stone of three hundred wheat; Twill each from one thousand six hundred, spun silk/from wen, each from one thousand two hundred to four thousand, continous struck forty; Charcoal for every one hundred, firewood equation to each bundle of each bundle of 19th article 50, hay.


convert into money, or copper wire one thousand and twenty-two penetration, plus the monetary income twenty thousand eight hundred and fifty-six penetration, annual income is about twenty-one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight. According to the history of huainan’s then transport Zhang Gen said he management of huainan 20 states, each state is about one point five year over the central government’s tax wealth. Bao, in other words, a salary of more than one state to the central tax. Ten penetration of money at that time with the one that struck two gold parity, then the one that struck the equivalent of 40 grams of, bao salary is equivalent to eighty-seven thousand five hundred and twelve grams of gold. According to the value of gold in July 2011, three hundred and thirty yuan per gram, bao salary is equivalent to more than two thousand eight hundred ten thousand yuan. This level than the good benefit of large state-owned enterprises and listed company, the boss of high salary. Former US President Bill Clinton’s annual salary of $two hundred thousand, bush and Obama’s salary is $four hundred thousand, Singapore prime minister lee hsien loong, a salary of $two million one hundred and eighty thousand. Converted into dollars now bao annual salary of about $three million eight hundred and seventy thousand. Civil servants of the high salary, song dynasty.

bao era, officials work is easy. On the bureaucratic system design & other; Officer & throughout; , & other Post & throughout; And & other Poor heritage & throughout; The points. & other; Officer & throughout; Treatment is a kind of grade, equivalent to now & other Section head, designing research & throughout; And so on, is a kind of salary standard. & other; Post & throughout; Is the virtual bit promotion. & other; Poor heritage & throughout; Is the actual position.

the song government officials with a minimum service personnel, the prime minister can match one hundred, these services equivalent to a subsidiary of the party and government organs, now national salary. Meet with the emperor’s birthday, official retirement or death, senior government officials also allows direct and collateral relatives and even the guard security work to the government.

the song dynasty civil service is not only good when, and the threshold is not high. Dynasty, an admission of jinshi overland. Jinshi and the patronage. If you dropped off in the college entrance examination, 15 times didn’t succeed, then the government’s grant you & other; Undergraduate background & throughout; , when the authentic test of five matches without AD can get such title. As long as you have patience, good body, that is afraid of nothing, get up to five times the university entrance exam.

as you can imagine, bao an, with such a high salary and various treatment of everything, he also is it worthwhile to host a bribe? Place a clean would be relatively easy to do. This way with Singapore high salary YangLian policy. But the high salaries in the northern song dynasty some outrageous, national conditions. In order to maintain its ruling order, civil servants in the northern song dynasty is quite large, and to stabilize the border to could eat the northern song dynasty liao, jin at any time of year years, currency and xixia, eventually leading to the government’s huge budget deficit, people’s lives with hot water, nuzhen soon into the capital of song dynasty, song dynasty is death. This lesson is not small.

(from Hong Kong “da gong bao wen/Feng Yanjun)