Barbie turns them girls, with art interprets the extreme desire

s ShuYong series “bubble girl”

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when uncontrolled desires will take extreme measures to meet the desire, and satisfy the desire of extreme measures will inevitably produce extreme means of resistance, and unlimited expansion of desires ultimately bring only to perish of human beings.

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artist ShuYong every time appear in the public eye, always can bring people some amazing, some saliva, there was a speculative. This time, is also no exception. On October 13, in & other; Art throughout guangdong &; Preview the scene, a series of mammoplasty for barbie dolls and of americans in addition to, and then quickly the world number one terrorist leader & other; This & middot; Bin laden & throughout; Head is impressively displayed in ShuYong gallery. Barbie dolls, this & middot; Laden, terrorism, mammoplasty for these sensitive words are enough to put all eyes firmly. At the scene of the decoration, the audience and participants around these works.

this piece, is ShuYong & other; Bubble & throughout; Series of the latest works, mammoplasty barbie is a continuation of its “bubble girl” works. In 2007 when the bubble girl with large breasts for the first time appeared in the public eye, it caused a violent reaction and debate, destruction, PoFen, wear a bra to malicious events. This time, when suddenly always pure lovely barbie doll with a pair of size far above their own breast appeared in front of people, at the same time the whole sculpture materials used leather, soft and smooth, has the texture of the skin, and how will the fate of waiting for & other; Throughout her &; ? ShuYong once explained & other; Bubble girl & throughout; Are the consequences of uncontrolled desires bring. & other; From the mass aesthetic requirements of the breast, we can also see rich, full pursuit of large breasts become standard, and the standard is expanding, expanding acme will burst like a bubble. Throughout the &;

a barbie doll from the original children’s toys to now have become one of the representative of American culture. She sold all over the world more than 150 countries, sold more than 1 billion, and a series of films and a variety of games, each barbie dolls, each a film and television works, every game is playing with us. Can say & other; Throughout her &; In affected children around the world for American society, American culture is yearning, like Hollywood movies, power output to the countries all over the world with American culture. But the United States is rich, because it used in promoting its hegemonism and cultural soft violence to obtain resources to the world, it is no exaggeration to say, the world’s wealth support with less than 400 million population in the United States. The gulf war, the war in Libya is so, for example, it has encouraged China’s neighbours even rob the south China sea resources in China. Desire, all this is the growing as a result, when desire expansion to the extreme, perhaps will become deformed like ShuYong mammoplasty for barbie doll. ShuYong, in fact, it is to use them miss barbie irony and mocked American culture, also let a person think from another side of American culture colonial ambitions of the world.

it’s interesting that ShuYong another piece of the bubble & ndash; Mr & ndash; this & middot; laden “is also associated with the United States. After years of efforts, the United States spent huge manpower and finally will be the world’s biggest terrorist Ben & middot; Bin laden killed, which was supposed to be a thing that let the whole world to cheer, but reality is not all is such, there are many people & middot; Bin laden feel sorry. ShuYong will this & middot; Bin laden’s most iconic beard into bubbles, appearance and lovely, no visitor’s terrible, deserve to go up all sorts of color, make the bubble & ndash; Mr & ndash; this & middot; laden “show & other; Rainbow & throughout; The & other; Beauty & throughout; . ShuYong in questioned the way & other; This & middot; Bin laden was killed events & throughout; , the world peace? The terrorism disappeared? Bin laden really disappeared, but if the world doesn’t fundamentally change, terrorism will turn into a variety of forms, exist in a variety of ways, it will penetrate into every corner of our lives. ShuYong to us in a seemingly easy way presents a have to face the problem of heavy namely & other Color terrorism & throughout; . In fact in the United States dominated the world, the subtle changes in the pattern of dramatic change and become a parallel way, under the background of this terrorism is could become the long-term problem of mankind, the world will pay a heavy price for all sorts of terrorism.

in the face of all kinds of disputes, mammoplasty barbie ladies will have what results? The answer is not ShuYong works, but in everyone’s heart.